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  1. Information On Nismo4

    Does anyone have any information on this car? I'm interested but wanted to know if anyone has some history on it! http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/datsun-1600-1972-13358195?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=0&eapi=2&__N=1246+1247+1252+1282+4294966615+4294966864+1216&num=15&silo=Stock&sort=default
  2. Panel Beater Needed ?

    Call Ricky at Straightline auto's in sefton 96443235. He is a mate of mine and done the body on WAITUP. Tell him I sent you. Cheers, Ben
  3. FJ20t 1600

    hey ben! family is good mate, it is starting to resemble your build isnt it, both built in Berala as well! anth, the radiator is one of the alloy jobs off ebay from ringowood auto parts. Jarrad, Where you at with this beast mate?? Haven't seen anything on it for ages??? Ben
  4. Hpc Coating?

    Competition coatings in Ferndell st Make sure you get the black finish Chris its better suited for High temp. I have had both silver and black and black performs much better.
  5. Need Your Opinion

    Would that be my old car? What happened to that after the acco? I spoke with someone via PM to try and buy it back.
  6. Wsid

    Top effort PJ. When you heading back out?
  7. Need Your Opinion

    Hey Gazza long time no speak. How you been? I remeber PJ telling me someone had scratched the old girl. drop me a PM might be interested in it. talk soon. Ben
  8. FJ20t 1600

    Hey Jarrad long time no talk. This car really reminds me of the build I done on my old one? hows the Cush family doing? Looks good mate. keep it up and get it on the road and enjoy it.
  9. Wsid

    Thats what you used to tell everyone it had in it........ top effort PJ making awesome power for a small turbo. Who needs a T88...
  10. Rip Waitup

    Thats not good. Im feeling a little hurt at the moment. I put a lot of effort into that car. Let the new owner know that im happy to provide info or any details of the car if he needs them. Paint codes etc. Sad news guys, especially when your not at fault. was he insured? R.I.P old girl....... I miss you.
  11. Waitup

    Waitup - Datsun 1600 4 Door Sedan FJ20ET
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