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  1. L20B Long Rod Conversion.

    hi what z22 piston did you use?? pin height of 31.9mm or 35.5mm?? and where did you get them from? im looking for some 87mm z22s pistons (35.5mm comp height) to use with an z24 crank in an l20b and apparently they cant be bought anymore, only .5mm oversize but i need 87mm.
  2. Freestyler of the Month Award

    and dont forget the aftermarket pulley kit he was looking for, for the ultimate in raw "powahhh".
  3. Pulley Kits

    have you got an L16?? the cheapest power upgrade would be as DATTO suggested, a L20b, i bought a full running L20b off ebay for $50. i know you probably wont find one quite that cheap, but an L20b is certainly the cheapest power upgrade you can go for. then a mild cam and 32/36 weber. but youll probably need an engineers certificate if going from an L16.
  4. Some Carby Questions

    1. 40mm twins will adapt and be able to tuned to a stock l16, are you in melbourne?? there should be a few tune shops around like nissco. these carbs are old and 2nd hand sets could need a bit of attention. 2. ram tubes sound cool and depending on engine could provide a power increase, filters muffle the sound a bit and are more cop friendly if you get pulled over, but they still wont like them. 3.not much, but will sound and look cool. but can be tuned for future mods.
  5. !datsun Sr1600!

    Never seen removing of the roof gutters before. Looks neat
  6. Hey mate i am doing a conversion so i have a mild L18 with a 240k 5speed with a new clutch in it going cheap if your interested.

    It will come out and be sold as 1 unit .

  7. The head is a Nissan V91 head. it has everything but would need some reco, ill sell cheap

  8. is the head an a87??

    what sort of work has been done to it and would you be able to post it??

    cheers dan

  9. Sloppy 4 Speed Gearbox

    yeah good work mate , definitely recommend this to anyone. quick/easy fix.
  10. Noisy Clutch/gearbox

    i gave that a go, its still making the noise. im sure it has to be the input shaft. because when the clutch is disengaged(pedal down) the input shaft should stop spinning right ? so there is no noise. when the pedal is up the shaft is spinning and there is a noise. its only a 4 speed so i dont think i could be bothered taking it out to fix it, i will just keep a look out for someone selling a 5 speed around the sydney/newcastle area.
  11. what does everyone think the best workshop manual for a 1600 is, ive seen the haynes, gregories and sp books advertised. just wondering if there is any difference and if there was a better one of the lot??
  12. Noisy Clutch/gearbox

    cured the quick fix of the sloppy shifter in the gearbox, might move onto the bigger task of sorting out the noise in the clutch or gearbox. with the cluch engaged(pedal up). i can hear a whirring noise. clutch disengaged(pedal down) it disapears. happens both in neautral or in gear. what do you guys think?? maybe throw out bearing or gearbox input shaft??
  13. Sloppy 4 Speed Gearbox

    just had a look, its where the shifter meets the gearbox linkage. just need to take out the pin with the cir-clip and pack it up with washers or new rubber bushes. ill probably just use some washers but do places sell new rubbers for it??
  14. Sloppy 4 Speed Gearbox

    cheers guys ill try and have a look at it today. and fveten if you could post a pick up that would help..
  15. Sloppy 4 Speed Gearbox

    the 4 speed gearbox in my 1600 is really sloppy when in gear, it almost has the same amount of side to side movement while in gear as it does in neutral. does anyone have any ideas on what it could be??