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  1. Howdy folks, I bought a Jaycar high energy ignition kits to put into the datto a little while ago. I assembled it but have only just got around to mounting it today. Has anyone had experience in the past with these? I only ask because mine isn't working at the moment. There are 4 wires involved with the standard points installation (earth, +12v, - coil and 'from points') and I'm positive that I've just got them or even one of them going to the wrong thing. I wired the earth (easy and it has been proven to work as I had something else working there before) I had the 12v supply going to the +Coil (not sure that this was the best idea but i chose it because there was current going to it when I turned the key to 'on'. One of the other wires I put to the -Coil (in the instructions this was pretty specific) The part I don't understand is where the 'from points' wire is supposed to go. Has anyone installed one of these and had it working? Where should I be putting the 'from points' wire and should I be taking any other wires out to put these in their place instead? I hope that made sense, it's late. But thanks in advance guys.
  2. Summernats 2008

    Can't wait to see the Maddat ute... should be awsome. I'll be coming to the meet on Satuday too... be good to catch up with everyone again. Wasn't the last meet the one where we went to the Cotter and I had to bail early?