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  1. Needs some dellorto Jets and other bits for his A14

  2. Wanted 510/1600 Cartoon Pics

    Some one started a link on the NZ datsun owners page heres the link http://www.datsun.co.nz/phpBB3/viewtopic.p...p;hilit=cartoon
  3. Datsun Pulsar?

    Great looking car You dont see many of the coupes around now as the are mostly all rusted out. I would love to have that one parked in my drive way. Is it E series engined or the early model with the A series engine?
  4. Pcd Tool I Just Got

    all up it cost me 15 GB pounds. I got all four of the tools.
  5. Pcd Tool I Just Got

    Yeah I went to the wreckers the other day just to have a play with them and had the owner ask me about them. Seems like he will be ordering a set. there just so easy to use and bloody quick to.
  6. Pcd Tool I Just Got

    I just brought a set of these and thought some of you guys and gals on here might be interested in them to. Great for checking out rims and mags at the wreckers. There is 4 different sizes. http://www.easypcd.co.uk/ Cheers Wombat
  7. Melbourne Trip

    Bugga I would love to go to that. I forgot to mention I have the dinner to go to on Saturday Night. Anyone else got any thing for me?? I think I should have a look at the Cams Website see what is going on in Vic.
  8. Melbourne Trip

    The wife and I will be making a trip to melbourne in September (19th-22nd) and I was wondering of anyone can suggest some things for me to see or do while she is on a trainning course (20th-21st). I will be staying in the Geelong area. Are there any good scale model (car) shops in that area? Any car racing going on that weekend? Any Datsun meetings? Throw some suggestions my way please. Cheers Wombat
  9. Dream parts?

    Limited Slip diff for my E10 Cherry also a rebuilt engine out of one of the factory backed Cherry coupe race cars. that or a AWD E10 Cherry.
  10. engine parts A15

    Yeah jump on to datsun1200.com and search for a guy on there called Dundee1000 he has a heap of good bits for the A series engines.
  11. There's no escaping it!!!!

    Which trade school do you go to Im looking for a contact at the Gippsland Tafe Ive been told they have a Datsun Cherry Gearbox there and that they may still have the whole car.
  12. Datsun 1000 2door

    Jump onto http://datsun1200.com/modules/news/ the guys and gals on there would be able to give you a idea of what it would be worth.
  13. Tasman:- Cars-People

    Still quite a few of us lurking on here it seem most of us are posting on http://www.datsunownerstas.com (we have roughly 150 members). We are also getting on here for info and buying bits and peices. Gun16 have you had a look at the Rookie Rally that you can do during Targa? You get to do the Prologue, day 1, and Day 2. More info here. http://www.targa.com.au/Competitors/Rookie.html
  14. Ebay F*#KED!?

    Yeah Thanks alot for the sniper link SX-510. I got a set of brake pads for $13 the other day (that inculdes postage). I to just type in Datsun and see whats there. I normally have a look every day or at least every second day. Try typing in datsan or datson some time. You will find a few goodies every now and then.
  15. Tasman:- Cars-People

    Some of us are still lurking here. We also pop in and out at http://www.datsunownerstas.com