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  1. shaun

    Need To Borrow Ramps

    you just after a set of car ramps mate i got some i can lend you if you want
  2. shaun

    Wedding Cars Also Need

    pms sent to a few blokes thanks everyone else for the offers greatly appreciated cheers
  3. shaun

    Wedding Cars Also Need

    thanks for the offers still trying to decide ill be in touch in the next week to confirm cheers
  4. spewing im working all weekend and i was waiting for the dyno day to see what the wagons got
  5. shaun

    Wedding Cars Also Need

    thanks fellas ill let the woozer know and let you guys know anyone else keen the date is the 20th of august would need to be in penrith at 130pm on the day
  6. shaun

    Wedding Cars Also Need

    thanks mate also i sent you a sms about your door handle you wanted let me know if you are still after one
  7. im after a couple of wedding cars for my wedding this year yes i know its soon ive been abit lazy organising it dont know which path ill go down yet either 1 of each model eg. 1600,1200,120y,180b,180b or 1 of each 1200 let me know what you got and who is keen to help out, not real fussy as long as i get 3-4 nice cars ill be happy whatever datos they are cheers
  8. shaun

    The Spotto Thread . . . .

    That was Jarrod and myself stalking the local area. ( i mean problem solving and trying to figure out a mystery noise from the car - well it is an FJ ) haha fair enough i was keen to see how the wagon would go against another datto, im sure he would of flogged me but would of been good anyway
  9. shaun

    datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    spotted this 1600 on the gwh today cruising, ceen it at shows before but looks even better on the road
  10. shaun

    The Spotto Thread . . . .

    spotted an aqua 1600 with gold frs cruising the gwh at prospect this arvo, was the one that was brought from canberra, was hoping to get bit of a cruise down the highway with him but he turned off
  11. shaun


    did anyone else see the white 1200 ute down wsid last night a series injected turbo running 11.5 on 12in slicks???
  12. shaun

    Ebay Junky's??

  13. shaun

    Winter Wagon Cruise

    ill be up for it any one got any ideas about details
  14. shaun

    Sdc Dyno Day Sunday 5th July 2009

    sweet thanks mate just thought i would ask the question look forward to seeing the details cheers ben
  15. shaun

    Sdc Dyno Day Sunday 5th July 2009

    hey fellas is anyone keen on organising another dyno day anytime soon???? is there any interest dont know who has the contacts here to do so but im sure since its been nearly two years there would be abit of interest???