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  1. 03stiwrx

    Sdc September Meeting Venue Change......17/9/2012

    Look forward to meeting everyone!
  2. Living in Sydney now!

  3. headlining mostly in, screens next

  4. 03stiwrx

    Blue Pig 1600

    hey JimJam, a couple of questions for you, PM sent so I don't clog your thread.
  5. well I bought a Datto on my birthday just over a week ago... plan is to have it all done and running well before the same time 2010. a complete build in under a year.. yeah why not!
  6. 03stiwrx

    Central Locking

    you can always fit aftermarket central locking, anything is possible. if you want the original actuators, it would probably end up exxy... a lot of the time, it's a complete latch assembly in each door as a replacement for the non-central locking... then the module, and the wiring, and the labour. or an aftermarket actuator style kit hooked up to the rod linkages to lock and unlock comes with it's own module and harness.. 4 Door Power Lock Kit - Jaycar Electronics
  7. 03stiwrx

    Osr20t - 1971 Datsun 1600 With Sr20det

    i say the gunmetal or the sandpiper beige.. but we all have diff tastes... i just think silver car/silver wheels is a bit much (for me)...
  8. 03stiwrx

    Clever Number Plate

    you're right... clever.. he he
  9. 03stiwrx

    WA Spotto thread!

    spotto an orange grandma spec 1600 down the road from my old house, hub caps and all.... other than that, haven't seen a 1600 on the road for AGES... where are they all..??