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  1. Freakn' Car Cruise

    Also just wanted to let everyone know that we will be running an "Anzac Day" raffle if anyone is interested!
  2. Freakn' Car Cruise

    wow actually a decent reply some other car forums have really give it to us,hope u can get there,thanx 4 the reply!!!!!!
  3. Freakn' Car Cruise

    Meet at Coles Blair Athol,Prospect Rd, Meet at 7p.m. leave at round 8ish, On the 26th April '08 "ALL CARS WELCOME!" Hope to see everyone out! Any other questions please just pm me!
  4. S.A. HOLDEN Freakn' Car Klub 23rd June '07

    Also u can pm me for our OFFICAL WEBSITE then u can learn a little bit more about our club!
  5. Hi my names Mel,I am a Vice President of the Freakn' Car Klub,i found this board as i love all cars and thought if any1 was interested they could come and check out our car klub? We kruze on the 4th Saturday of every month if there are any other questions e-mail:- ms.vl@hotmail.com THANX Meet at Coles Blair Athol,Prospect Rd, Meet at 7p.m. leave at round 8ish, On the 28th July ' 07 "ALL CARS WELCOME!"