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  1. QIK510

    Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    Thats unreal Eric, Dam thats a nice paint job, Love this car, Its getting better and better, good luck with the rest of the build, cheers Shawn
  2. Just an up date on the cruise this Sunday, We will be having a BBQ on site and Beers and softdrink for sale, Can't wait to see all the Datto's out,
  3. QIK510

    Datsun 510/1600 Centre Console

    they look fantastic, well done,
  4. QIK510

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    Hi Mark, I think its an app on his phone, Yes me too, I will look into it,
  5. Awesome Chris, will be good to see your datto out ,
  6. Hi all, I have organised an observation criuse from Mcgraths Hill Macdonads through the Hawkesbury area, then ending up at the beautiful Pioneer Village, They have enough room there for a huge amount of cars for display, Cost is $5.00 to get in, They do have free BBQ usage there, or they have plenty of cafe's there, This place reminds me of Old Sydney Town, Its great for the whole family, Due to this being a Sydney Datsun Criuse, Please drive at 10 KLMs per hour in the Village, ... Meet at Mcgraths Hill Mc Donads at 11.00am,JULY the 14th On Windsor road, near Windford Motors Leaving at 11.30am, Oberservation run will take a little over an hour with about 20 questions to answer, This isn't a race, There will be prizers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Any car is invited to this event, More details will follow next week, The cruise will end up here, The Australiana Pioneer Village, Visit Hawkesbury Valley, Weekend Getaways, History in Wilberforce www.theaustralianapioneervillage.com.au The Australiana Pioneer Village
  7. QIK510

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    Greats stuff Andrew, Yes Graeme, Sounds good, But you have two race cars now,, But the FJ will be good in the old Historic race datsun 1600, I'm keen to do a couple of 6 hour marathons, which run with a team of 4 cars, ( just have to finish the race car ) cheers
  8. QIK510

    My New Race Datto 1600 ( Ex P510 )

    Hi there Andrew and to all thats lookin, Yes Sr 20 DET engine will be ready inabout 3 weeks time, Then another weekend to put it in and so for, The wiring loom and new computer will get wired in within a month of engin going in, MY auto guy will then wire up, Doing the brakes lines within the next two weeks, Car is almost ready and will see a track this year, Just time and money was the problem, More photos to come ,
  9. QIK510

    My New Race Datto 1600 ( Ex P510 )

    Just got some motorvation back, working on this car a few hours a week, Here are some more shots Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. QIK510

    Fibreglass Panels... Opinions

    Hi there, Looks great mate, Love all dattos, but the 180B 2 doors are growing on me, your one looks a fine example
  11. QIK510

    Upcoming Sdc Events

    Thanks Jon,
  12. QIK510

    Fibreglass Panels... Opinions

    Jon has a great point, But if done correctly , Some fiberglass guards and various other fiberglass parts on road / show cars, you can't tell the difference, Not sure where you get them made though, Put a pic up please of your 610, cheers
  13. QIK510

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    HI Mate, Good time's at Eastern Creek, Well done, Can't wait to join you with the race car in a couple of months time,
  14. QIK510

    Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    Hi all, Hoping to go up to this again, For the Sydney Datsun Club Christmas Party 2013, great times,
  15. QIK510

    Sdc Cruise To Wings Over Illawarra 5.05.2013

    Hoping to make this cruise, depends on the family and whats on at home, Hopefully see you all there,