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  1. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    This car is a weapon keep up the great work
  2. R200 Diff Centre

    hey mate i just put a kaaz 2 way in my 1600 and would reccomend them talk to jimmy at speedy diffs at mascot he knows his stuff
  3. Datsun 180b Sss 74

    good to hear you still have this beast fez you should bring it out the creek again
  4. Sdc Cruise To Wings Over Illawarra 5.05.2013

    i wont be able to make this sorry the rear end is out of my 1600 but its a great show even just to watch the planes let alone the cars
  5. my garage ang my mums garage are pretty chockers but my missus wants my daughters cupboard back
  6. EJ20T Powered 1600 (now with pics)

    nice colour what car did it come off?I painted my gsr a very similiar colour and it was off a magna
  7. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    265's on the back of a 1600 will be leathal
  8. Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    that plenum chamber looks heaps close to the clutch master cylinder
  9. Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    This is one of the nicest builds i have ever seen!Wat an awesome car
  10. Sydney Datsun Club Xmas Camping Weekend 2012.

    pete i reckon you were lucky to survive that trip
  11. Brake And Wheel Setup

    you will be able to run 14's but im not to sure about max width and offset
  12. My New Race Datto 1600 ( Ex P510 )

    nice work shaun
  13. Sdc - St Albans Cruise Sunday 21 Oct 2012

    hey mark have you got an address for the macca's
  14. Sdc - St Albans Cruise Sunday 21 Oct 2012

    sounds like a good run i should be able to make this one