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  1. Here is some video of my Datsun at Mt Cotton look like fun ?
  2. This is the last reminder on this event as entries close Wednesday 17th Feb. Full day at Mt Cotton Hillclimb with a trainer in the car with you in the morning and test and tune in the afternoon (day license available) - $150.00 Sign up here - Track Days Test and Tune afternoon (must have an existing CAMS license) - $50.00 sign up here - Track Days Cheers Jeff
  3. Track Attack is private hiring Mt Cotton Hillclimb on Sunday 21st February 2010 Preliminary Schedule 7:00 am arrive 7:30 - 8.00 am sign in and scrutineering 8:00 am - general drivers introduction/briefing 8:15 am - split up into groups and do a track walk 9:00 am - slow runs with Mt Cotton experienced driver in the passenger seat 11:00 am - slow untimed runs - no passengers - full safety wear 12:00 pm - 7/10th's timed runs - no passengers - full safety wear 01:00 pm - test and tune timed runs - full safety gear required. 04:00 pm - finish Cost is $150 for the whole day including the afternoon test n tune Vehicle requirements for the training are normal road car requirements. Sedan Race cars are welcome To signup and enter online follow this link - Track Days Cheers Jeff Track Attack