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  1. Android 360


    A nice set of SSRs... buy them off yahoo japan. Get them delieverd to your door by Jesse Streeter. That's what i did - $900 for a set of 5 xr-4 longchamps, decent width, decent offset. win
  2. Android 360

    Fj20's And Electric Water Pumps

    I've used one before and enjoyed using it. Make sure you save up a bit more and get the controller otherwise your car may run a little cool.. the bonus with the controller is that if your car is turbocharged you will no longer need a turbo timer as the controller keeps the water moving until it's cool enough.
  3. Android 360

    Change Display Name

    Oh really? That's a shame, I didn't want to bother anyone! Thanks for your help. Joel
  4. Android 360

    Change Display Name

    Hi All, sorry for the n00b post! I've never encountered the display name feature before and was hoping i could change mine from the one i entered while registering. I have looked in the help section and under 'personal profile' I found: The other functions mentioned seem to be in the edit profile area, however this one is missing. There is a name history section in the profile so it looks like it is possible... Any assistance or guidance would be most appreciated. Cheers Joel