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  1. Datto 510 / 1600 In Transformers 3

    Great, suppost the price of the 510's will go up once again.
  2. Ebay Junky's??

    240k Coupe http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=190269865634
  3. Ebay Junky's??

    Far out, I got that issue floating around downstairs, didn't know that there was so many dattos in there
  4. 510 Coupe For Sale O Ebay

    Damn that is one sexy coupe.
  5. Nice Christmas Ornament

    Nice Christmas Tree Ornament
  6. Roll Cages, Why Bolt Them In?

    lol, so true and then there are the ones that put huge cat back exhuast with pod filter and HSV decals/badges all over it and drive around thinking they can outperform everyone
  7. Rust Preventitive

    Does anyone here use rust preventitive on their cars? (end rust, electronic rust etc.)
  8. Anth's 1969 Datsun 1600 Fj20et

    Top job on the polishing
  9. Datsun 510 2dr On Speedhunters.com

    Hows the camber on the white 510
  10. Roll Cages, Why Bolt Them In?

    lol, wank factor
  11. Bre 240z Replica

    What game is this?
  12. YLD.510

    Far out, that looks sweet. Any updated pics?
  13. YOU TUBE

    I was watching that video last night, not a bad little vid
  14. Datsuns might be fast - but......

    Top Gear 0:35am - 1:30am | SBS G Lifestyle, Closed Captions, Repeat This installment features the ultimate competition between two big engined cars: a BMW and a Volkswagen. Then, Richard and James race a Peugeot V6 and an Austin on the Prescott Club race track. Richard also test drives the new Mazda MX5, worth 18,000 pounds against a greyhound worth 25,000 pounds.
  15. my 180b sss z18/l20b

    Very nice, alot of the ricer boys wouldn't know what was passing them, probably think it was a Mustang