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  1. Welcome To Fabulous Penriff Sydney

    so bebbo, wheres the pic of the postcode tat on your shoulder blade??
  2. Early Morning Sunday 01082010

    im coming and driving a LHD 2dr. Should be a good experience
  3. Shauns 2 Door 1200 Sedan

    yeh mate I was talking about you Shaun. I applaud your dedication and motivation
  4. Shauns 2 Door 1200 Sedan

    fcuking hell mate, do you hate yourself lol.
  5. Wsid

    good work tim.
  6. jeff - I actually keep IE setup with the work proxy for when Im working on the VPN. i do...but thats all i have ever used, maybe time for a change then hey? It is most definitely time to move on. Load up firefox to get you started (and maybe chrome as a stage 2. You'll be surprised by how much quicker pages are to load using firefox and there is shitloads of add-ons that are easy to use.
  7. tried it early on and it froze up constantly and went back to firefox. Will try again now. As an aside does anyone that uses the interweb more then once a week still use IE?
  8. Jap Spec

    For the sake of clarity on the rust Rhys its worth pointing out that whilst surface is cool/trendy this month half the rear qtr missing and the rear beaver held in place by the boot rubber is probably unlikely to ever become popular mate, just sayin.
  9. F U C K you vettel you stupid german C U N T

  10. Jap Spec

    Yep, rat rod'ng is taking off in oz and datos can provide a perfect base for one. The cool thing is that you can have it all rusty/beaten up or you can have it painted, matte black is popular. Some non datto examples below for chuck.
  11. YLD.510

    can you post some pics of your old mans holden (FC??) if he's still got it? I always liked that thing.
  12. Rear End Feels 'skatey' On Deceleration

    another vote for the 2 way.
  13. carbon fiber 1600 bonnet

    soon i believe. Tommo has contacted me and is gunna drop it off early May which is fine by me as there was no immediate need. Still dont have my bonnet back tommo
  14. YOU TUBE

    For those that dont follow tarmac rallying targa tasmania has just wrapped up. Here is a vid of the lambo that won in the hands in Mr White (used to run GTR's but has stepped up). Check out the GPS driven pace note system. Turn this up and enjoy