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  1. PHOTOS! Well this is how it started (again) doesn't look bad but the engine bay and certain ares were flared up with rust, the dickhead who did the work (and stole the car) did a real bad job. I still curse him and when he dies the grave will become my dance floor on the truck to get blasted after being stripped Tin worm, rust, holy sh*t whatever you call it it is bad on the old girl. the work begins okay I can't get the photos to work, here is a link http://s992.beta.photobucket.com/user/talldude81/library/Datto any help with the photos? I thought I was doing the right thing says I am not allowed to use that image extention???
  2. Td_racer

    !datsun Sr1600!

    Worth it!! Where did you get it done?
  3. Yeah I know how you feel. Also forgot to mention I got a diff for the datsun in my car as well as some indicators for the datsun. Just need a place to store them as the back of my car is not a great place.....
  4. Hey all Well after many many many years of just wishing to start my project Datsun 1600 I have started! I bought a very rough shell for $500 couldnt pass it up, then I stripped it. Then it sat for 3 years. Then it got stolen! stole it back off the fcuker that stole it. I got married, I moved for work, I moved back for work then I ran out of money. (money part happened a lot to be honest) But now It is back on track! Problem is I have parts everywhere.................. Started off small few bits in the spare room under the bed, then on the floor in the spare room, then in the study, then the shed, then my parents shed, then my in-laws shed and now my work under the desk............... The plan is to put it on the car when i get it back from the panel beater/painters. Just wondering if anyone had issues with storing parts, my wife is starting to get a bit shirty as I have the steering column and pedal box in the laundry awaiting soda blasting..............hahahaha. I will post pics soon it is just that I can't get into the study atm....too many parts...........
  5. Td_racer

    Engine Overheating - Blown Head Gasket Pics

    Nasty Just for my own information how does one clean out the water galleries once they are clogged up like in the photos?
  6. Td_racer

    1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    Quad throttle bodies sound wicked. I would rip the turbo off it and install quad throttle bodies. But saying that you would need to raise the compression on the SR, basically rebuild it for the QTB's. A lot of work. Or you could find someone willing to swap their L series for your SR.
  7. Td_racer

    1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    Car is looking very nice man.
  8. Td_racer

    Storing An Engine

    Thanks for that. So by wrapping it in cling wrap would be a good idea?
  9. Td_racer

    Need some Powdercoating done

    Handy link telling the benefits, however, they are located in Melbourne :/ I don't mind paying for quality I just want to know rough guide thats all.
  10. Hello all I am buying an L18 to replace my old L18. The old L18 had rusted out pretty badly. (was part of the car when I bought it, the car hadnt been started in like 2 years!) Can anyone tell me how best to store an engine if you are not going to use it for a bit (car is still at panel beaters, I think I am putting his children through Uni) Oh yeah engine will be out of the car when it is being stored as well. I can't see my car being ready for another 6-7 months. I only bought the new L18 as it was the right price and had all the work I was planning on doing done already. Any help would be great!
  11. Td_racer

    Need some Powdercoating done

    I know it is an ooooooooooooooooooold thread but I didn't want to start a new one. I was after some powder coating on my headers. few question though. 1: Is powder coating my headers a good idea? 2: where can it be done in St. George/Sutho area of Sydney or anywhere good? 3: would it be expensive? Main reason I want it done is to make my headers look a bit better. cheers
  12. Td_racer

    Trx Wheels

    Which model pulsar? ET pulsar mags?
  13. Td_racer

    Oi_Son - 1971 Datsun 1600 P510 Project

    Where did you get the badges from? the reproduction one sorry. Nice collection of parts thus far keep it up.
  14. Td_racer

    Granny Stanza

    Well done on the find. Gives me hope that there are granny cars out there!
  15. Td_racer

    Fitting A R31 Gearbox To A L Series Motor

    Thanks for the info! Might give either choice a go. Mate wants the gearbox I got might sell it off to him. If the rally guys use the r31 might be the choice for me. Im so confused now. What to do