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  1. Ca18det 1200 ute

    Does anyone know where this car is last I heard it was at loganholme? I would love to try and get it back
  2. Z18 1600

    Sorry its meant to say qld and nsw mod plated.
  3. Z18 1600

    The Dato will be for sale soon. Mod plated and engineered in old and nsw contact me on 0431837812 for more details.
  4. Z18 1600

    Hi I'm thinking of selling the Dato is anyone keen? Contact me on 0431837812 for more details.
  5. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    very nice
  6. Turboutes 1971 Z18 1600

    510 toy,you trying to call me slow,lol working on that im coming for you lol Yeh i havent been to any meets, as ive never had a car running for more than a month.
  7. Turboutes 1971 Z18 1600

    Thanks man,im really happy with it but know i want more power
  8. Z18 1600

    All finished
  9. Turboutes 1971 Z18 1600

  10. Turboutes 1971 Z18 1600

    My link My link My link My link My link
  11. is happy about getting the 1600 finally finished

  12. Z18 1600

    All finished its good to be back driving a Dato ill take some pictures and work out how to put them on.
  13. Z18 1600

    Going to be a bit longer as im getting the computer changed.
  14. is at work bludging

  15. Cant wait for the Dato to be finished!