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  1. Some Jdm Goodness

    Nice link mate cheers, JDM styling FTW!
  2. My L series 1200 sedan

    Yes the r30 box is still in use as im currently installing a ca18de with quad carbs soo thats plans for now but the shell isnt real flash I might re shell into something straight and origional but for now ill stick with this. Dont think ill make it to 09' Nats but possibly 2010!!!
  3. 510 obsessed or what is back

    Just browsing for 1200's on ebay.
  4. Wtf

    Sounds like youve seen brendans onld 1600 before
  5. 510 obsessed or what is back

    Put my foot in thatne lol nah tyrie took the screenshot because he had 4000 posts and mine was 510 hahaha bastard set me up :ph34r:
  6. 510 obsessed or what is back

    My post count on 1200.com
  7. Anth- The button clutch was on the Sr when he bought it.
  8. Damn it Chris isnt it about time you made thi thing run like OMG come on already!!!!
  9. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today Chris got his Defi's workin and they are fully sick ulea :clapping: :rofl: !!!! McLol Well done Chris awwww Now get of your ass and make something happen! HAHAHAH Jake
  10. Datsun 1500 (620) Ute

    G'day Baz I'd love to see some photos and specs of this 720 "woody", Ive only ever seen parts of it in the background of your gentlemans carrage & stanza coupe photos and from what I could see was quite cool. Jake
  11. Datsun 1500 (620) Ute

    Jeff, The ute looks much better than I thought if youre going to restore it paint it that colour with the factory red stripe down the side except 8.5" wide steels and the origional hubbies and dump it on it's belly! :diablo: HEHEHE Jake
  12. Datsun 1500 (620) Ute

    The J15 is more of an industrial, slugish motor a little bit of torque about them but thats about it unless its a cruiser ditch the bitch and go for an economical twin cam e.g ca18de,sr20de,ka24de,4agze,Rb,2jz Dont be fooled by the rocker cover as they look almost identical to A series, These motors were used in forklifts and other small nissan industrial vehicles, nothing special about them, compared to an A series they dont rev there not light and are far from a performance motor. Some inspirational pictures for you Jeff : Just some ideas Jake
  13. Datsun 1500 (620) Ute

    Nice one Jeff,Ive always had a soft spot for the ol' 1500 ute, especially how the doors shape into the rear quarters. I think you'll find that the motor is a J15 opposed to an A15. Good luck! Jake
  14. Datsun T-shirt Design

    Shirts look like the goods fellas, So this new printing machine youve aquired means I can have whatever pic I want on whatever colour shirt I want? If this is the case put me down for two!!! Jake