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  1. Hi, I currently have a SC14 supercharged L20b running a 32/36 webber but I am not happy with the way the mechanical secondry comes in. Can anyone give me any guidance on what type of carb would be best for the draw through application that I am running? On a seperate note, I would also appreciate any info on what cam to run with the supercharged setup. I got a cam done specifically for the application with from memory the lobe centres opened up a bit (I will have to check though) to suit supercharged(I was told this is what they need by my head specalist). It seems to be only strong to 4500 then its a bit blah(good technical term hey), cam builder advised the cam grind should rev to 6500 or 7500 on a N/A engine with webbers. I am sort of thinking this may be due to carb but any info/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Al
  2. What size so i find out there were different sizes at minumum they had 36's and 40's? and what sorts of jets are a good stating point?
  3. Hi Can anyone help with directions or pics on how to wire up an original dato 1600 tacho? Cheers Al
  4. Hi Can anyone help with info on fitting a Ka24 twin cam head to an L-series block. I've heard it has been done but have never found any info or seen a car with the conversion? I picked up a Ka24 twin cam head off a Bluebird SSS today and am going to attempt the converion in my spare time. I am a fitter and turner so making bits isn't a problem but it is always good to speak to people who have done it before. Cheers Al
  5. Hi, I just bought a second hand EMS DualSport ecu and am looking to try an find a fuel map so that I can get my supercharged L20b engine started. I know I will not get one that is right for my application but a starting point would be good. Does anyone know where I might be able to get one? Adversly does anyone know where I can learn more about how to do my own fuel and ignition maps. Cheers Al
  6. I'm only running 5lb at the moment but am in the process of upping pulleys to get 10 max.
  7. It's already good down low, its up higher in the rev range where I have the problem.
  8. ignition? I have the electronic ignition from a bluey, What needs to be done to it?
  9. Cheers, I'll give them a call when I can, you dont know if they have an email contact do you?
  10. Anyone, Anyone, Anyone! Buller! I'm leaning towards a 2" SU at the moment.
  11. Cheers for that your a champion. I cant understand why there is not much info around fromthe us though? I would have thought someone would have at least posted some pics of one of these conversions.
  12. Are mods to the cooling system need when supercharging an L-series in a 1600? How much hotter if any will the engine run with the supercharger? Runnning 10psi boost
  13. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what pistons to use for an L20 with an SC14 supercharger producing 10psi? Where to get them and an idea of cost would be handy. Cheers
  14. What pistons for L20 supercharged

    Thanks Baz, I will give you guys a call when I have pulled down the engine and check the bore size and condition, also I am picking up an L18 engine this week, what would be better L18 or L20 for the supercharged combo?
  15. Are any bottom end mods needed other than pistons when supercharging an L18 or L20? Running 10psi
  16. Thank to everyone for the info and discussion. Cheers Al
  17. Thanks for all the help, I now have it working but for the record the loop wire would only work off the positive side of the coil. Cheers Al
  18. Hi Can anyone help me with information about fitting an SC14 Supercharger to a datsun L20 engine. I have it fitted up but need to know some info like where do you position a boost guage or is there somewhere I can get a boost reading from by connect a guage directly to the unit, do you require a pop off valve or anti backfire valve (not sure of the correct term) and where does this need to be positioned and where do I get one from? I am running a down draught webber sucking through the blower not EFI system. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Al
  19. Thanks guys I have now got it running but it is seriously overfueling when the secondaries cut in, so much so that it pumps dark fuel smoke out the exhaust just about straight away, does anyone have any idea of the jetting that should be used in a 32/36 Weber for this application especially for the secondaries? I know its a long shot but worth the question. Cheers Al
  20. Dave, any idea what you paid for it from datsport and what boost did it end up giving you?
  21. Do you know of anywhere you can buy a front crank pulley to suit this application?
  22. The problem I have is the tacho has 4 wires coming out of it and they are all purple so how i'm suppose to tell which ones go where I dont know.. I am running bluebird electronic distributer if that makes any difference.
  23. How much boost should there be at idle?, it is running pretty close to 1:1 drive pulley to magnetic cluch pulley ratio and I have a vacume /boost guage hooked into the manifold close to the head that indicates vacume when the engine is running. Am a bit bewildered as before fitting the supercharger I checked it pumps and can guarantee it pumps air when spun fairly slowly with a cordless drill to the SC front pulley.