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  1. Polishing A Turd.... Show Us Your Technique

    im guessing the empty bourbon bottle in the drivers headlight helped with getting the task done? not bad considering what it looked like before
  2. Diff Search

    im chasing after a H165 c20 vanette diff for a mate, its to go into a 1200 coupe that he is building to race in the under 2 liter IPRA, from what he knows is that some do come out with 4.8 or 4.875 diff gears or if anyone has one with larger gears than that would be great, if anyone has one laying around or knows of someone selling one please get in contact with me so we can suss it out and work out a price cheers cameron
  3. Whiteline Strut Brace

    i dont have a sr20det in my 1600 but i do have a ca18det i cam across the same problem when i was looking at purchasing one, i couldnt get a straight answer out of anyone either, the only problems i came across was that i couldnt have it sitting the opposite way to what u can see cause the bonnet stand to hold the bonnet up would connect with the strut brace so u wouldnt be able to close the bonnet, and it also rubs between the bonnet supports and the plenum but all ive done is taped some thick rubbed between the plenum and brace to stop the vibrating, also the way that it is currently sitting the hex head bolts that come with it will be facing forward so im guessing that is the way they are meant to be fitted, if u want i can take a couple of measurements so u can do a few measurements of ur own to see what the clearance will be like?
  4. Wife 1200 Ute

    its gonna look very similar to the maddat ute just without as man body mods and performance lol
  5. Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

    1600 panels do come up on ebay from time to time but even if u did manage to pick it up cheapily u will pay through the arse with freight just due to the size and then theres no garranty that its not gonna get damaged in transit, i think its datsport do lower rear quarter rust repairs if u just need the bottom of the quarters replaced
  6. Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

    love the colour man, should look good once its all painted up, lucky for you that you can still buy 1200 panels very cheapily haha
  7. Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

    strangely enough i do recall a 2 stroke dirtbike cruising past haha, yeh man the adjustable rear end kit worked a treat, managed to adjust the camber back up to 1.2 degrees negative camber which is an improvement from the 3.5 that wit originally was and can play around with the toe aswell for the track, waiting for tax time then getting myself a fibre glass front end from alfa motorsport in adelaide but apart from that just gonna save up so i can rebuild this motor ive got at home and drop that in, should be sweet once done hows the wifes ute coming along?
  8. Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

  9. Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

    its been a while since i was last on here but just abit of a quick update, had to replace the rear wheel bearings before the 1st round of our local sprints so while i was at it i took the oportunity to do a brake upgrade and put on the r31 rear brakes on that i had laying around for a rainy day, i ordered a set of braided brake lines and handbrake cable to suit the setup from cam and baz at datsport i improved on my times from the last round of last season, was running mid to low 45's all day with the best of 45.10 but also managed a 45.11 for the last lap of the night with trying new lines so will be good to see how it goes when the track is nice and grippy during the day
  10. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    very nice
  11. Anth's 1969 Datsun 1600 Fj20et

    very nice car you got there mate, love the whole jdm look you've got going, its like a wolf in sheeps clothing doesnt stand out to much until you stop to have a good look
  12. Adjustable Lower Control Arms..510

    both datsport and maddat have adjustable lower control arms for the 510 or any other datsun aswell, ive got maddat adjustable lower control arms on my 510 it was a pretty straight forward swap, the only downside to them was the fact that if u wanted to play around with the camber was that u have to unbolt them from the k frame i think it was and turn the head of the arms then tighten it back up and bolt it all back up again, it may take a while to get them perfect, you'll be able to get about 2 degrees negative camber out of them but u will need extended tie rods otherwise u will run out of adjustment
  13. Another Datto Makes The News

    well atleast out of that whole situation he did 2 smart things, 1 he told the misses to hop out so she wouldnt be in danger and 2 he lightened the car to help it go faster.... smart man
  14. Cyclone Yasi

    its good to see that you guys did well in the cyclone mr610 we lost our power round 5pm on wednesday and still havent gotten it back so we're currently living off a borrowed generator from one of my mates so luckily we saved all of the food in the fridge and freezer and i still have the internet we had the dogs in the house the whole night so that the neighbours wouldnt be thinking it was raining cats and dogs, around 2am thursday morning we decided to drags the mattresses out and the misses thourght that my dog was sitting down for a pat but he actually shit himself and shit went all over her foot and the blanket that was thankfully covering the mattress, so i had abit of a laugh until i relised who had to clean it up and clean the dogs arse ive been for a drive around town and thankfully the is little to minor damage around town, apart from a few places that have had trees land on the house or a couple of cars with trees landing on them the majority of the damage has been to fences either being blown over due to the winds or trees landing on them, we've helped friends and family clean up their places so hopefully it wont take to long for the people up in mission beach and innisvale to get back on the feet and back to every day life
  15. Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

    rolling the guards tomorrow to allow for a lil more clearance in the front end, currently it has the adjustable strut tops pushed in as far as it can go to stop the guards from rubbing on the tyre so much