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  1. Datwoods 1970 Datsun 1600 Sr20Det

    This car is now for sale, check on the datnet classfieds and/or carsales.com for more details.
  2. Datwoods 1970 Datsun 1600 Sr20Det

    This car is now for sale, check on the datnet classfieds and/or carsales.com for more details.
  3. Thinking Of Selling The 510

    I also have an engineers certificate for all the changes.
  4. Thinking Of Selling The 510

    Well i'm not entirely sure, hence my post above. I've spent atleast 35k-40k, everything that could be is from Datsport, the engine and gearbox have only done 3000km since reco. Comparing it to other similar cars on carsales i'm kinda thinking around the $19,000-$20,000 mark. Are you interested?
  5. Thinking Of Selling The 510

    The interior is stock in the rear and has two pulsar buckets seats in the front, i haven't really touched the interior at all. The only thing worth discussing is that it has a SSS dash with VDO gauages attached, makes it look nice and neat and almost stock.
  6. I'm thinking about selling my 1970 Datsun 1600 with a SR20DET, its in Melbourne and wondered what people thought i could/should sell it for? This is my car: 1970 Datsun 1600 - SR20DET The only thing that I've changed/done since this is take the engine and gearbox out and get the gearbox reco'd and the engine reco'd with a few mods to the oil system and changed the pistons. Since then i've done about 2 or 3 thousands km. Also if anyone on here is interested, let me know. Regards woods
  7. Racing Seats For 1600

    I'm really sorry man! Its sitting next to my keys on the desk, i couldn't make it last meeting! Do you need it sooner then the next SDC meeting?
  8. Racing Seats For 1600

    Yeah i just had a look at those but can you just have a normal seat belt with a seat like that or do you need to use a harness?
  9. I currently have some old, shitty, kinda warn out pulsar seats and would like to get some new racing type seats and wondered what other people had, where they got them from and how hard they are to install, what you need and what you get with them as well as how much they cost. Any information would be good. Thanks woody
  10. Sr Oil Catch Can Choice And Setup

    Don't mean to be daft but where on the intact does it plug into? Again photos would be awesome! Thanks again.
  11. Sr Oil Catch Can Choice And Setup

    Yeah thanks mate thats good. Don't suppose you have any photos do you? Where did you put your catch can?
  12. Sr Oil Catch Can Choice And Setup

    Ok..... i guess no one knows.
  13. I need help guys. I just got my engine (SR) and gearbox reco'd and work on and am slowing getting other bits and pieces for it (ie. heater hoses) so i can get it back in. But something i noticed when pulling the intake apart was the amount of oil sitting there and so i started to look into how to setup an oil catch can, what they are meant to do, how big they should be, the best one to get etc. So far i have found/been told that it needs to be 1 or 2 litres not like a 500ml one, that some catch cans are just empty and don't actually do much good, some people are putting scourers in stocking inside the catch can and modifying etc, some people go with a setup that runs the oil back to the sump but then a mech has said thats no good cos you'll get presure from both ends. So i kinda feel like i'm going round and round in circles chasing something illusive. Does anyone have a catch can and setup on an SR that they are using that works that they can explain to me with pics etc and brand of catch can??? Thanks in advance woody
  14. Sr20Det Engine Mounts

    Awesome sounds like i'll go for a set of standard ones then! Going back to the gear stick, can you get a simply shorter gear stick?
  15. Sr20Det Engine Mounts

    Yeah maybe i just want a shorter gear stick rather then a short shifter. Can you get a new set of standard engine mounts from anywhere? Or is it down to getting some from a wreckers etc?