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  1. Help With Interior Ideas..

    Hi Champ I think it all depends on what it is you want. Custom look, or a as " original as possible look " The rear deck board throws it off a bit. I kind of like the colour scheme you have, but I'm more of an original interior type of guy If you want, the colour scheme you have is good. If you want original as possible, keep the black, and go a darker colour on the orange. Maybe a gun metal grey or something. It will blend in better with black. Cheers Peter Dr Buff haha about the queen st comment, i work there so ill get everything done through them... and peter1 im more into the custom side of things nothing on my car is really origional so its pretty pointless in my eyes to keep the interior stock looking. if i do re-do the interior it will have 2 more matching buckets for the rear seat all trimmed and alot of fibreglass seperating the whole lot thanks for ur comment tho
  2. Help With Interior Ideas..

    haha thanks for the comments boys but all honesty im gonna be tidying my car right up even the body and paint will be done.. im going all out on this thing now so thats why i need a stand out interior... and DATTO im only an apprentice and havent really done anything like tht yet but im pretty sure the guy im doing the trimming with at queen st customs would be able to do something for you hes mad at that sorta stuff
  3. Help With Interior Ideas..

    hey guys i have a 1200 sedan which already has black leather interior with orange stitching.. which includes- Roof,Doors, Seats, parcel tray and black carpet... i am a motor trimmer at queen st customs and am going to be changing my whole interior.. complete retrim... i need some suggestions please.. my ideas are as followed but please feel free to say to leave what i have or go something basic and simple as i have.. 1- purple leather with purple suede inserts orange stitching 2- white leather with orange stitching 3- black leather with gucci inserts 4- tan leather with the gucci inserts 5- tan leather orange stitching 6- go all out with purple with snakeskin inserts and a shit load of fibreglass throughout the whole cabin and boot.. all seats and door trims and parcel tray and boot inserts will all the stitched with double stitched diamonds..
  4. blown 1 engine, A12 deliberately for an excuse for an A14 since then ive blown 4 4spd boxes in 6 months have now installed a 5spd and hasnt blown in about 3 or 4 months.. no diffs yet!
  5. Wsid Datsun Drag Night 3/11/10

  6. Wsid Datsun Drag Night 3/11/10

    will not be attending... my now ex mrs smashed my car!!! front guard is all pushed in not interested in driving it untill its fixed
  7. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    yep that was me!!!
  8. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    im happy with the dat change too gives me time to get my car fixed!!
  9. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    I probably will have to pull out.... My Mts has smashed my 1200.. ass end flicked out on her in the went and hit my cousins car..
  10. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

  11. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

    yes i just went on facebook too and got the same notification... how true is it?
  12. <Attention New Users> Welcome Thread, Introduce Yourself

    hey guys/ girls... Im Mitch i drive an orange 1200 sedan.. its my pride and joy but also my daily driver.. im 20 and a qualified mechanic i have moved onto motor trimming so all you sydney fellas who want your interior done come to Boltons Motor Trimming!! we never get dattos.. umm my 1200 is A series powerd with a few mods im always up for a cruise any night especially over the weekends so just hit me up check out my posts to see full descrition of my 1200 heres a few pics...
  13. Wsid Datsun Drag Night 3/11/10

    also i wanna run someone with an L series engine without a turbo to see if my A series non turbo can compare... any takers.. my best time with a stuffed clutch was 16.556 keen to get my clutch fixed and try to crack mid 15's..
  14. Wsid Datsun Drag Night 3/11/10

    ohk well my helmet is all good its got the tick stickers, and 2/09 date and as/nzs 1698 soo yeahh after i scrutineer i can always pass y helmet to some1 whos helmet isnt compliable... ive borrowed some1s helmet before to pass scrutineering then they dont check the helmets again.. so get through it with some1 elses helmet then use ur own from there on..
  15. Wsid Datsun Drag Night 3/11/10

    ill be there!!! keen so see if my a 89hp series will beat a few worked L series and can we please get some confirmation about helem standards.. do we go by the nz or as 98 or both??