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  1. if you mean the pumper plunger i put in a new old one that i had if that makes sense. and it ran good untill i started to leave for a test drive and started doing the same thing again. so i dont know if it was a coincendence (sp) or has something to do with the plunger?
  2. need help my truck will not idle or take gas right.it was running like a new one untill i quite driving it about a month ago so i could paint it. and now it will not idle or take the gas when i push the pedal just sputters instead of revving up. i took the carb apart and blew carb cleaner and air thru all the jets and holes in the carb but didnt help it. i also noticed my tach is acting screwy goin a constant speed down the road the tach will go from 2000-3000 back and forth which sounds like it could be electrical related but when i choke the carb about half way it will smooth out and run good. i have changed all the filters at the tank and at the carb and blew thru my gas lines they are not stopped up. i can take my gas line off coming out of the pump to check the pump and put my finger over the line and it doesnt seem like it has enough pressure doesnt even blow my finger off the line is this right? any help at all is greatly appreciated this is my ride to work and really need it fixed. thanks alot.
  3. needing a left side lense for 82 datsun 720 this one has the lense between the bumper and tailgate. i have done been pulled over because it is broke and need to find one soon to avoid the cops.
  4. 1982 720 Timing Help

    no its a z22 engine and it is still in the truck and i am goin to put new chain sprockets guide and tensioner in it
  5. 1982 720 Timing Help

    i am trying to change my head gasket and probly timing set but i have to get it in time before i take distributor and head off. i have the crank time mark on the 0 degree tab mark and the cam pulley dowel is in the number 2 hole like it is supposed to be but my timing chain is silver link is about 8 links counterclock wise of the timing number 2 mark. and the distributor show to be about 1 1/4 off counterclockwise. can anyone give me any help on getting it tdc.
  6. Need Help

    on my 82 720 my battery was going dead and i could take the neg battery cable off and it would die so that told me it was the alternator so i got a rebuilt on it but it still dies when i take the neg cable off. anyone know what else this could be? also noticed i aint got no tail lights now but i do have turn signals dont know if the two problems are related or not. is there anyway i can straight wire it to see if that will bypass the problem? i am about ready to take the truck to the crusher it is starting to piss me off
  7. 82 720 Idle Update

    i think i have it figured out i think it is the choke relay that is whats clicking i unpluged and pluged it back up and it is working but i think it did it for a second yesterday but i got another one ordered for a back just in case i need it i looked in the manual and it had power coming from alternator ignition system choke heater and something else but i forget what i hope that is why my battery light is on then again that could be why the reley is clicking to begin with because my battery is old and i dont think it holds full charge.
  8. 82 720 Idle Update

    i had it running good most of the time anyway. it will be running good and i hear a clicking noise sounds like it coming from towards the glove box and when i hear it click it will start to run bad then it will click again and run good. anyone know what this is?maybe a relay or something
  9. i have a 82 datsun truck and it is not running right. the only way it will run is if i choke it about 1/2 way and it will idle but fast and if i adjust the idle screw down then it cuts in and out. i replaced the fuel pump and put a rebuilt carb on it. it could be a vacumm leak somewhere but i cant find nothing. anyone know what the problem might be. i really need to get this thing fixed fast.
  10. headlight problem

    my 1982 datsun truck has a problem with the headlights swithing from high to low does anyone know what this could be it just does it when its cold outside during the summer it work normal sometimes it might take 2-5 minutes to change when its cold any help is apprecitiated thanks
  11. no firing

    nope if was my second fuse in the fuse box it runs one of the coils and several other things and boy she purrs like a kitten now. the best iv ever heard it run since i bought it back in the summer thanks anyway
  12. no firing

    i have a 1982 datsun pickup that is not firing on the intake side of the motor. the exhaust side is firing but intake is not i changed the coil but did not help what else could it be. on the bracket thats got the 2 coils to top coil is the one that is going to the intake side and is not firing also on that bracket they are a plug in on the bottom and what look to be some kind of relay on top of the bracket what are these and what do they do?