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    live on the central coast, commute to Sydney most days, and wouldn't be able to find the datsun club meetings without a GPS
  1. Superlite Centre Caps

    Any idea where i might find one? One of mine has got a bit broken and won't fit on anymore. Wheel is a 15*6.0f with eight spokes. goes on the fairlady that's in my garage cheers kiwi
  2. Sdc Night Cruise. Sat 27Th August 2011

    watching this space.
  3. Wardy's 1200 Sedan

    I have no idea what that means, but I'm guessing max power! great stuff kiwi you got it in one. with those hp figures thats some scarey power to weight ratio.luv it
  4. Hi went for my annual inspection and it failed because the top lower control arm bush is worn. They also said that the ball joint is getting worn and it might be worth having it looked, at the same time. Anyone know what the top lower control arm bush is? I'm guessing its something to do with the steering. The mechanic had the front end jacked up and was able to move the wheel. Any idea where to get the part and is it available in Oz Its a SP311 67 1/2 (1967 Fairlady 1600 Sports) cheers kiwi
  5. the Austin Healey Club are off to the Mudgee Bowling club on 5th June for their annual brass monkey run. Anyone feel like going? They usually charge about $15 and you get breakfast when you get there.
  6. Seat Replacement

    HI I found this on the RTA website Seats Owners should ensure that the seat and its anchorages comply with any applicable ADR requirements (possibly by certification from the seat manufacturer or by an engineering signatory) and the appropriate seat belts are fitted to all seating positions. Vehicle Standards Bulletin No. 5 issued by DOTARS covers requirements for the manufacture of additional seats. I'm guessing that applicable ADR's isn't relevant as the car didn't come with seatbelts and that the 1969 ADR rules aren't for a 1967 car. The bolts are stronger and bigger than the originals and bolt to the same plate that the originals were in. It's all a bit confusing. Basically, the new seats have a headrest and more padding making them safer. Common sense would indicate that it should be a good idea to swap. kiwi
  7. Unisyn And A Colortune

    Did you remember? I now have my colortune cheers kiwi
  8. Sdc Cruise Sunday 13Th March 2011

    looked like a great day. I went to Burrawong on a Fairlady drive. Great weather. SDC cruise for the next outing for me kiwi
  9. Hi looking at replacing my seats in my fairlady 1600 with a pair of MX-5 seats. They are much more comforatable and have a head rest. My father in-law thinks that I might need to get it engineered. I'm not so sure. the guides look a bit vague. They say that I am not allowed to make modifications that make it dangerous,then go off on a tangent telling what to do if I am making my own seats. I'll b using the same plates, I'll just need to drill a couple of new holes. Anyone been through this? Remember that the car is 1967 and that ADR rules didn't start to get serious until 1969. I'm in NSW, so I'm guessing that I should also let my insurane company know. kiwi
  10. Wardy's 1200 Sedan

    looking good. what's the fuel cell do? Excuse my ignorance ;-) still got he stickers on the tyres ;-) I'm guessing about 2.8 seconds into the first drive, they'll be worn off ! cheers kiwi
  11. Unisyn And A Colortune

    thanks dave you sound like you know what you are doing, I'll have to drive up the freeway one day for a demo! Found that I could possibly make one too http://www.powerchutes.com/manometer.asp Just need to figure out where to connect it to kiwi
  12. Unisyn And A Colortune

    Thanks, I'll google the UK and see if I can find someone Found an MG club that sell something called an SU Tool kit. Looks like you put a couple of thinks in the oil pots on the SU carbs and can then balance them both at the same time. Only 14 pound. cheers kiwi
  13. Unisyn And A Colortune

    Unisyn and a colortune Anyone in Australia sell these? I can see them on ebay in the states, but the postage is more than the price of the tools themselves. None at repco or supercheap. Also looking for a reasonably priced compression tester. $55 at supercheap/repco. Anyone had any experience with them? cheers kiwi
  14. Datsun Plow

    Datsun body on a Dodge chassis http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/cto/2168090124.html
  15. Wardy's 1200 Sedan

    Did you do the tig courses as part of your mechanic training? I've been looking at TAFE for them, but there aren't any that are close. So I bought myself an oxy system and have been scaring myself with that. Not doing so good, just seem to be creating big blobs of weld. I'll have to look your grandmother up and get her to redo my seats yours look really good. Any idea if the race seat people put in are road legal? I'd like something a bit more comfortable for my fairlady. I heard that the mx-5 seats slot in pretty well. Might have to go to a wrecker looking for some that I can put in. so much to do, maybe I'll just keep diving it and procrastinate some more ;-)