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  1. Datsun T-shirt Design

    how are the shirts coming along? anymore pics or progress?
  2. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    i c very tidy coupe
  3. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    why does the zoom mag say 295kw? later in the article it says about 220
  4. c4 gear box conversion in a 1600

    cheers for the info. i dont know if my car would have come auto because it already had an s14 sr20 in manual when i got it. its a 1971 1600 sedan so is there anyway i can tell?
  5. Gday I have a 1971 1600 sedan with an s14 sr20det. Currently has the manual 5 speed with an unknown twin plate clutch. Im interested in going c4 with transbrake as i have access to one already converted to sr20. What i need to know is how hard a conversion will this be? will it fit in the tranny tunnel? Does the hole for the shifter line up? what will i need to do about my drive shaft? which gearbox support member do i use? If it was off an s13 motor will it have probs bolting onto the s14 engine? does anyne have any experience with putting c4's in datsun 1600s? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  6. Half shaft

    The 'drop in' CV's are doing just fine now. which ones you using?
  7. Half shaft

    i just did both mine. cost me 50 bucks each for the shafts from stewart wilkins racing. then i had them reco'ed and balanced for about 300 total.
  8. NEO 510

    Gday anyone else seen these renderings? http://www.s-e-design.com/sedesign_113.htm I reckon Nissan should pick it up. and use the SR20VET. hellllllllaaaaaa
  9. skyline brakes what model?

    do you think it is possible to bolt r30 breaks straight onto the 1600 front struts? perhaps the struts are stock items? maybe 240k stuts and breaks?
  10. skyline brakes what model?

    cant take my wheel off right now cause my mate stole my jack yesterday. will this help?
  11. 260z rear end

    okay mate thanks for your help.
  12. skyline brakes what model?

    identifying what front struts i have and what front brakes i have? my front brakes are ventilated disks ex Nissan Skyline but only have the 4 stud 113.4 pcd pattern. does this mean they are r31 brakes? (i assume the r32 had 5 stud pattern) if i have those brakes does it mean i would have to have the struts from r31 or do these brakes fit on either: 1. 1600 front struts 2. 200b front struts cheers
  13. 260z rear end

    forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?p=700184 okay worked it out cheers. on the subject of 260z and 1600 rear ends being similar does it stop there (with the halfshafts)? my engineers certificate says the rear axel is ex Datsun 260z. Does that mean that the suspension components are 260z too? or just the halfshafts and rear brakes? thanks for the help guys
  14. 260z rear end

    the ones inthe photo are 1600/260z items?
  15. 260z rear end

    i have a 1600 with a supposed 260z rear end in it. does anyone know where i can see some piccies of some 260z half shafts? ive searched and searched but cant find some. just trying to work out what exact parts my rear end is made up from. here are some pictures of the half shafts (half destoryed after drags on wed). if any z experts can verify them for us that would be sweet. sorry for the massive photos.