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  1. Ca Stanza

    Send a msg to FLY-BY ? - He might have the old forum archived ? How long ago was that ? haha
  2. Ca Stanza

    You still have the Stanza! Last I remember a bolt on spacer came off and the car was going down the road on the brake disk! Scary! Hows it going these days ? What are the plans ? You should dig up your old build thread or write a list of what it's got in it. What diff and brakes are you using ?
  3. Ca Stanza

    Chris ?
  4. Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    Wow awesome build! Any updates ???
  5. Lookin For Stanza Sr20T

    http://autospeed.com.au/cms/title_SRd-Stanza/A_2349/article.html Thats it
  6. Oi_Son - 1971 Datsun 1600 P510 Project

    Curly!! All those nights at bloc, pissed telling me about all these parts and now theres some photos to prove it! Good luck with the build - cant wait to see it done If you need a hand putting the motor in give me a call
  7. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    Looks great! Such a unique car, love it Must feel good knowing you did the body work yourself ? Any more plans for it ? How did you get those road monitoring photos!? do you work for the RTA or something ?
  8. Datto 72' 1600 Sr20Det

    Hey mate - Nice work so far! If you add: [ img ] and [ /img ] before and after your pics -no spaces - it will display them in your posts. Give it a try - or a mod might be able to fix them for you. Keep the updates coming - nice work in the Dash too!
  9. Cheap 2nd Hand Laptop

    You can get those 240V AC adaptors for cars so you can power laptops in the car for $30 - $40
  10. Spotted these on Yahoo Japan Auctions : Theres heaps of carpet styles available too : Thought someone here might be interested
  11. Stanza + Sr20 Radiator

    I spotted this on ebay today .. the outlets are in the right spot - but would it be ok for an SR20 ? Anyone ever heard of that brand "ASI" ? Thanks in advance http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ASI-3-CORE-race-alu...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  12. Clutch Grabbing / Friction Point Has Moved!

    Both of you were spot on, the clutch fluid was completely empty and dry as a bone! Filled it back up - gave the clutch a few pumps and it was back to its normal position. I will investigate on the weekend where its leaking from. Thanks!
  13. I got into my daily Stanza this morning, pushed the clutch in, went to put it into reverse and grinded the gear, i pushed the pedal in as far as i could and it went into gear. It seems the point at which the clutch grabs has moved to literally 1cm from the pedal being pushed in all the way - where as before there was a good 5cm travel before it started to grab. I havent popped the bonnet and checked the basics yet - but is there anything i should look for or try to fix this ? Can this be adjusted at the pedal ? Im worried its going to move or get worse to the point that i wont be able to select gears at all. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  14. Removing Unnecessary Vac / Heater Hoses

    Oops - posted the same pic twice .. was meant to be :