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  1. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    hey everyone looking to sell my datto! just want to tidy up a couple of things before it oficially goes on the market.... looking at around 30,000.00 ONO no tyre kickers/time wasters call if interested 0422 172 844
  2. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    it was the same weekend as the nats were on so it was some guy from melbourne cant remember what his name was! but he shoots for quite a few differant car magazines...
  3. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    Sounds good should be good to see wat other 1600's there are out there! where is this word on the street comming from? got the inside scoop hey!!! haha....
  4. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    thanks not as much as i wanted made 350wr hp on 20psi on pump fuel maybe crank another 10psi in and some avgas and hopefully 400hp at the wheels! scored a photo shoot in fast fours thou so pretty happy about that!!!
  5. Summernats 2008

    is that waricks pink 1600 with the 13B J-Port in it?
  6. Thats good grunt! ill come say "hi" 4 sure keen to c it down here in canberra!
  7. running SCARED hey no not running scared! just keen for the NATS!
  8. Summernats 2008

    How manny datto's will be @ the nats next year? i have already entered my car!
  9. hey mate just wondering wat sort of power u were looking to crank out of this bad boy? good to hear u will be @ the nats! ill have my FJ1600 there as well!
  10. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    i think it looks good & thats all that matters! its pretty good that u get on this site and bag peoples cars when u dont have one urself!
  11. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    MOD> EDIT PICS FIXED Got my wheels white walled thought id post a couple of pics up!
  12. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    thats it unleashed @ summernats "08" haha.... until then its hush hush!!!!!
  13. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    its all good car is at the shop getting the final touches as we speek plus some extra goodies that i decided to put in as well so i dont end up with no half shafts
  14. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    Not all talk the turbo took a little longer to come than what i thought.but got it a couple of weeks ago will be ready mid october.
  15. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    what kind of turbo do u have? im getting a GT35/40 gettin pretty hooked up hopefully have it by friday!!!! Not sure if i should run .63 or .82 housing thou... Thanks for the offer but... talking to my cousin & Jake about it today