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  1. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    Cheers Jeff. Never have the bonnet resting on the bonnet stand if the bonnet is not attached to the hinges. It also put a dent in the gaurd, damaged the sheet metal where the bonnet stand attaches to the bonnet and, due to my temper, I managed to fracture a bone in my hand... again.
  2. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    Its all green now. Unfortunatley we managed to crack the brand new windscreen with the bonnet. Not much will be happening with the Satnza as I have to get the 200B SSS coupe back together and ready for sale.
  3. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    More paint.
  4. To my knowledge "0" timing is at top dead centre, however on my L16 (Stanza) TDC appears to be at "10" advanced. The piston just starts the down stroke at "0". The pully is correctly located on the key, the timing marks on the tag (off the bloke) look good and so does the mark on the pully. Could I possibley have the wrong pully or timing tag?
  5. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    Finally got back into it, got it ready for paint but had trouble getting the actual colour. Its could Limelight Green, its an Australian Chysler colour BUT is now listed as a Mitsubishi colour as Mitsubishi took over the Valiant factory in Tonsley Park, South Australia when Chysler stopped making cars in this country. We were going to go with Blonde Olive (another Valiant Colour) but given these thing dont have much in the way of safety optioned we decided a seen car is a safer car. Hanging panels are next.
  6. DeathCab

    Granny Stanza

    How much power gain do you get with a single weber on a stock l16 (assuming that its stock)? I love your Stanza, makes mine look not so clean.
  7. DeathCab

    1600 Full Rebuild

    Agreed. Hats off to the level of work and effort put into this car... quite inspiring.
  8. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    Got this for the Stanza. Plan is (eventaully) blow trough Gas Research setup on the factory L16.... depending on funds So far the turbo setup has cost me... $0
  9. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    Back into it. First the Zinc coating then the KBS coating Finally the iniatial primer coat
  10. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    The love is strong, how can one not love them. The 200B is in a long list of projects... Finally finished (enough to reg) the Pumkin Toyota T18 I've now got to do: The Stanza Chrysler ute Daisy the Dodge The Charger 200B Coupe Plus friends cars as they come in. You may be horrified to know that the plan for the 200B is to make it a 348 MoPar powered drag car with the strict rule that all parts are to be plug and play, NO cutting. The car must be able to be returned to original condition. That said, its a long way off. P.S Keys will be in the mail next week.
  11. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    UPDATE: I have done very little work on the Stanza as I am up to finddley little bits that sh!t me. ... Plus i have to get my old Dodge ready for roady. But soon I will start laying down some primer... I promise.
  12. DeathCab

    SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    Nice work on the booster. Don't do what I've done... get the booster all pretty just to have a major fluid splash back ruin all the work.
  13. As the pic shows, the drum hub and the wheel hub are different sizes, no snug fit and therefore no real support. Is this normal for a Stanza or am I missing something here?
  14. DeathCab

    Its A Stanza

    Cheers mr200b. Gotta say I'm a fan of the 200B, especially the SSS variaty. I will have to start a write up on mine soon... though I have other cars to finish first. Finally it feels like i;m getting somewhere. Most of the paint is gone. Soon the body will have some KBS and primer on.
  15. DeathCab

    The Stanza

    As above... needs pics. Any progress as yet?