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  1. KellyMcGregor

    Kells '71 1600 Wagon

  2. KellyMcGregor

    Kells '71 1600 Wagon

  3. KellyMcGregor

    Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Previous owner claimed that it was re-chromed, he had the badges and front bar done - they were definately re done, but as for the grill, unless he managed to pull it all apart (and knowing the bloke, I doubt it), its possible he only had it polished up too, the top and bottom strip of the grill were perfect, but the centre was less than that, so we decided to paint the centre black. I know that there is a guy up here called Queensland Chrome Plating, thats where we got all the stuff for the sedan redone, the old guy did a fantastic job and was reasonably priced, it has sinced changed hands, so going to suss them out before leaving some of my stuff there.
  4. KellyMcGregor

    Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Forgot to mention they are 16x7's on the front and 16x8's on the rear, running Proxes 245/45/16's
  5. KellyMcGregor

    Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Quick Update Scored some new wheels, We have ordered new wheels for Micks 1600, so I claimed the Enkei's We pulled them apart, had the centres sandblasted and powdercoated. Polish all the bolts and rims, and back together and onto the wagon Even managed to pick up Best Restored 70's at the Classic Jap show a couple of weeks ago Our Dattos