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  1. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

  2. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

  3. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Previous owner claimed that it was re-chromed, he had the badges and front bar done - they were definately re done, but as for the grill, unless he managed to pull it all apart (and knowing the bloke, I doubt it), its possible he only had it polished up too, the top and bottom strip of the grill were perfect, but the centre was less than that, so we decided to paint the centre black. I know that there is a guy up here called Queensland Chrome Plating, thats where we got all the stuff for the sedan redone, the old guy did a fantastic job and was reasonably priced, it has sinced changed hands, so going to suss them out before leaving some of my stuff there.
  4. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Forgot to mention they are 16x7's on the front and 16x8's on the rear, running Proxes 245/45/16's
  5. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Quick Update Scored some new wheels, We have ordered new wheels for Micks 1600, so I claimed the Enkei's We pulled them apart, had the centres sandblasted and powdercoated. Polish all the bolts and rims, and back together and onto the wagon Even managed to pick up Best Restored 70's at the Classic Jap show a couple of weeks ago Our Dattos
  6. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Thought I would post up some pics of my datto wagon. A little bit of personal history to the wags, Mick (hubby) owned it years ago (before we were together), took it back to bare metal and sprayed it the gold, and sold it in 2002. The guy that bought, had it resprayed after some hack decided to key just about every panel, he also had the interior retrimmed (did have completly original trim, and was in really good condition) trim shop threw out the standard seats, tore off the vinyl on the cards and trimmed over them Whole car was trimmed in white, then sat in his garage for 6 years, never registered it or even finished putting it back together. Fast forward to 2009, I had been chasing a decent wagon for a couple of years, and had a couple of wanted ads on a few forums and had a pic of Micks old wagon, stating I was chasing that paticular one. I had never actually seen the wagon when Mick owned it, but had a few photos around the house and always loved it. A year later, late one tuesday night, got a phone call from the owner, he had stumbled across my add and called, and we arranged to go down and check it out. And long story short, we picked it up 3 days later Got it home, stripped all the interior out, including the entire dash that he had decided to glue black suede too Dash came up in perfect condition, luckily, I was able to get all the suede and glue off. Sourced original black wagon trim, and put it back to standard. Lots of little things that have gone 'missing'or were lost when the last owner moved, and because the car was never put back together completly, there are lots Including the gold simmons Mick had on it (old mate sold them to his mate for a couple of hundred!) Still have some things to do, and eventually would like to have the standard seats re-pumped and trimmed. But all in good time. Specs 1971 1600 Wagon Sprayed in Volvo Safron Gold Front bar, grill, headlight surrounds, badges all re-chromed New indicators Engine L18 45DCOE side draft Stanza 5 speed dog leg box Bluebird Electronic ignition Interior Standard 1600 seats & trim JVC headunit, 6"speakers in front and 6 x9's in the rear Here are the pics, still have stuff I wanna do, But is a great addition to our datto family! On our way home the night we picked her up