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  1. Just Curious Z16 1600

    Got any more details mate? I currently have a z18 1600 that was blue & engineered in the late 90's - but the engineers cert says it was unregistered at the time of certification, and has modern plates on it now....
  2. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    Yeah - it was good to get the old girl out and about - shes been hibernating for a while now. Great meeting you Adam.
  3. Daily Telegraph Just wondering does anyone on here know the full story?
  4. Sdc Cruise 7/3/10

    I should be in as well. Its been too long since ive had the chance to catch up with everyone.
  5. Sdc Track Day Sunday 9th August 2009

    Lucky for me there was a spare parts place not so close by (after I tried my luck with the close ones) that could supply me pads on a Sunday - so after a leisurly drive up to Campbeltown & back I was back on the track by 3pm (after running out of pads at 11.30). Note to self - never ever again go to a track day without spare pads!!!
  6. Sdc Track Day Sunday 9th August 2009

    Im keen! Is there any confirmation on the so called restrictions?
  7. Sr20det Lifters

    Hmmm, that is very tempting. Even if the guy has receipts, how would i veryify things like the cams are what he says they are? (excuse my ignorance but cams are one thing i havent played with before)?
  8. Sr20det Lifters

    Hi Guys, On the way to the SDC bbq on the recent cruise through Douglas Park, after a little bit of boost, one of my lifters shat itself making my poor little SR sound like it was going to throw something out of bed. I limped it home & it went through stages of getting pressure hence going quiet again, to being as loud as a jackhammer. For anyone that asks, yes it had plenty of oil in it. Im sure the fix is to buy a new set of lifters (i was a tightar$e when i rebuit the motor leaving the original cams & lifters in it), but as they arent cheap i wanted to know your opinions on what brand lifters to use, where to source them, & prices - as i really dont want to have to spend the money on them again in the future such as when i replace the cams? Does anyone have any experiances with having similar issues who can advise me on what pitfalls to avoid (band brands or rip offs)? Ideally id like to get a set into it next saturday so i can attend the night cruise. Cheers.
  9. Sdc Megalong Valley Summer Cruise

    It was a great day. Thanks to Mark/Ben & all those involved in making it happen. Are there any more pics floating around?
  10. Sdc Megalong Valley Summer Cruise

    Just wondering are the guys from the shire going to head over to the caltex together in a mini-cruise, or will everyone just meet up there?
  11. 1600 17inch Wheels Question

    Not kidding, just overly optimistic - given my usual of leaving everything to the last minute. Out of curiosity, whats the prob with using multi-stud lenso type rims with spacers- as this was going to be my fall back plan as a mate has some 17x7's on his S13 that with wheel weights on hit my front strut, which i was hoping a set of 10-15mm spacers would fix? That was my original intention as i have a spare set of TRX rims lying around, however i was not able to find any reasonably priced 15" 2nd hand slicks...... & i dont want to buy new as budget constraints mean i wont be at the track that often
  12. 1600 17inch Wheels Question

    Hi All, Im looking at taking my 1600 down to Wakefield next week & am wanting to throw some tyres on it that will give me some grip. Ive located a set of slightly used 17in slicks off a Mini Challenge race car - and am needing some rims that will bolt upto my 1600. Does any one know what stockie type 17 inch rims will fit a 1600 (stock 4 stud pattern) with the right offsets (if any) so i can shoot off to a wreckers & get them? Cheers
  13. Hi All, I am in the process of piecing together a motorkhana car with a mate & have got a CA18 turbo engine (the single overhead cam prehistoric type). For an ECU im wanting to use an old Microtech D5 that i have lying around. I know anyone reading this has just suddered but as it is not a road registered car & the main purpose is to try & piece it together as cheap as possible. So heres my question: The CA18 is a factory ecu controlled electronic ignition but the D5 is a fuel only ECU. Can i get the dizzy out of an old carby type bluebird CA20 & put it in? Also are they a points dizzy or do they have an external box that controls an electronic ignition set up? Cheers.
  14. SDC winter cruise 29/6/08

    If you guys are happy for anyone to tag along - id be keen to keen to blow the cobwebs off the old girl to add another SR dato to the fleet, & meet a few fellow dato enthusiasts???
  15. engine mounts

    If its any help, when i fitted my SR in my 1600, i was able to use 1600 rubber mounts on a reversed crossmember, using standard (but shortened) S13 SR steel engine mounts. Took all of 15 mins to cut the bottom off them and weld in a flat bottom replacement about 10mm up.