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  1. Well done mate, time for some Mickey's, it will belt out a solid 11
  2. Great to catch up with some old faces! Where do I find the results? Did Andrew crack a 10? And more importantly, did BLUB Rd manage a 12?
  3. Sdc Night Cruise. Sat 27Th August 2011

    Not on the night of the Jamboree! Noooooooooo!
  4. Wsid

    Between QLD and here Brad Made a bit more power with the new combo. Now runs a Precision Billet turbo, gotta say they're pretty unreal! Also Brad that little one I showed you made 297kW @ wheels on my bosses S14 at 20psi. That's the journal bearing version too, full boost at 4100rpm. The SR only has BC drop in 264 cams! We're trying 30psi tomorrow but no doubt the injectors will stop it around 340kW. Not bad for a turbo we sell for $1230!
  5. Wsid

    Thanks guys, going to try a new turbo setup now. Sold the 1600cc injectors, throwing in ID2000's and another 044. Don't know if this new turbo will go faster but I'm psyched for some track days now and hopefully can keep it into the 9's with a twist of the boost controller.
  6. Sdc Night Cruise, Sat 29/5/10

    Grrr still waiting on the new turbo otherwise I'd come along. Keen to join a Datto cruise soon
  7. Harry's Liverpool 27Th March 2010

  8. Powercruise 2010

    Thanks for the words guys (and footage Pete!) Shaun, not sure mate, hopefully soon. I'm going to go a size up on the turbo now I think. I'm so psyched after the weekend I have to refrain from spending everything I have on it to be honest. It was great to shake up the masses in it, it was long overdue! And the racing felt awesome, I hadn't lined up anyone to win like that for a long time, my passes @ WSID are often solo or against the clock where I hadn't even worried about the reaction time. Man...I can't wait till next year!
  9. Powercruise 2010

    No worries mate! I broke the throttle body shaft on Friday and burnt out 2 crank angle sensors on Saturday due to a bad earth, but came back strong today Finished 3rd in the drags overall, beaten by an XY on ET Drags (full slicks) with groves custom sliced into them. I was reeling him in but it was too late, it's a short track afterall! Still stoked, managed a decent powerskid today too in 4th. Check it out Got some drag footage too I'll post up when I get a chance, and the producers of the Powercruise DVD had cameras mounted in the car so should be fun! Can't wait till next year!
  10. Powder Coating

    Don't know about C-town but Rocky at Mandow's Power Coating in Hoxton Park did a great job on my wheels
  11. Powercruise 2010

    Yep no worries Brad, you're on It's a rolling start 1/8th too which means guys with bigger turbos will be doing some clutch kicking....
  12. Powercruise 2010

    Ahh damn, well make sure you get a wristband and I'll take you for a joyride
  13. Powercruise 2010

    Hey guys, Filling out my entry form and sending it off today, I was lucky enough to land a garage so I'm pretty keen for this. I've missed it every year so I've put the car away pretty much until then other than some powerskid practice! If you get the entry form in before the 11th it's only $130 and the event runs from the 25th-28th of February. Entered the drags, powerskid, cruising...might tick a few more boxes and decide what to do on the day. Powercruise
  14. Maybe just add a HKS GT-RS to the S15 package (and some injectors) to fend off a few more of those big turbos...
  15. Hey Jeff, how you been mate?

    Rebuilding the 1600 I see, what's on the cards this time around?