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  1. Is This An R200?

    its worth about $10 if u don't get the shafts too
  2. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2009

    thanks for a great weekend fella's. great work to everyone that made the drive up from mexico. it was good to meet a few of you and put names to faces. cya in 2 years Tim
  3. New Turbo For Stock Z18

    theres plenty of options that will bolt on. FJ20ET VG20ET VG30ET VG30DET and the weird one! Saab : TE05-12B-6 from a 90's Saab 900 Turbo. Honestly, if you don't want to do any mods ot your EFI and fueling, just rebuild the stock one. That will give you the most predictable outcome.

    looks good mate , for a 4 door that is.
  5. 280ZX CV shafts for an R200 equiped Datto 1600

    ive done it three times. modified short-sides x2 stock short-sides + modded companion flanges x1
  6. 280ZX CV shafts for an R200 equiped Datto 1600

    280zx R200 short-side axles can fit by either machining the axles or shortening the companion flange. OEM tuff finding them is the hard part
  7. i bought a while back, a bare SSS facia, which i plan to fill with Autometer ES Series gauges. should match the DEFI DIN triples i am running now.
  8. Bargain Skyline R30 $17000

    im guessing his car isn't in the 'elite 4'
  9. my 510 SSS dash is gonna be up for sale soon. reco'd tacho and modded to suit EFI, has stewart warner 30psi boost guage fitted where the clock used to be. and has a mixture of metric and imperial gauges, had a local and imported clusters so i mixed and matched. ( celsius temp, PSI oil pressure). has all the senders etc let me know if your interested. there is not better way to fit gauges to a 510 imho. thanks tim

    derek's diff is GTIR rear, not subaru.
  11. ill be there. dunno if duckman can make it, he said he might be there alot later in the evening.
  12. Drag Time 2007 - Sunday 28th October 2007 (Qld)

    booked and paid!!!! thanks ang BOYS GET ON BOARD!!! this will be unreal!
  13. Hello fellow Datsun enthusiasts! The details for the next cruise have been finalised - this time we are having an VERY early morning start and cruising from Coomera to Byron Bay for the sunrise, then out to Lismore, and through some challenging and fun backroads on route to Beaudesert for some breakfast and a bit of a social gathering. A BBQ will be available at our destination. Details are as follows: Date: Sunday 16th September 2007 Time: meeting at 4am (nice and early to catch the sunrise) for a 4.30am sharp departure. We will also stop at the Shell @ Mudgi @ 4.45, 5am sharp departure, then onto Byron Bay. Location: Yatala BP Service Station / Shell Mudgi Cruise Details: Still to be finalised (maps and directions will be handed out on the day), but most likely will head to Byron Bay, out to Lismore, then onto some backroads which will lead us to the back of Beaudesert. From there some breakfast and a chat. What to Bring: Your car, your passenger of choice, be ready to drive with a full tank from Coomera on time (98RON premium unleaded fuel is available from Lismore which is about half-way), UHF 2 Way Radio to stay in contact during the drive and some breaky Those wishing to participate in the cruise will abide by all road rules and require a mechanically sound vehicle. It's a long drive, but definately worth it. Those who wish to disregard road rules will not be welcome on the cruise, safety is important. A good nights rest beforehand will also ensure there is no fatigue while driving and make sure you bring a friend along. Responsible driving is encouraged! We are have recieved a lot interest at the last monthly meeting of the Queensland Performance Datsun Club, and are expencting a large group for this cruise, and would like some feedback on who will be attending etc - the more the merrier! If you have any friends with dattos who would be interested in coming on the cruise, please let them know about it and and encourage them to send an email to gun.1600@gmail.com with their full name, car details and phone number so we can add their name to our mailing list. Hope you all can make it and look forward to seeing you there! Cheers The Organisers (ps, ready towing have been informed and will have extra towing units on standby for all the 200b's attending).