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  1. Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    wow, the final outcome is nothing short of amazing
  2. Shauns 2 Door 1200 Sedan

    give it a scrub, and get it running, and slam it, instant US spec ratsun However on a more serious note, there isn't too many of these around anymore, good to see it will be saved
  3. 1600 Full Rebuild

    now might be the perfect time to modify the rear arches to be able to fit larger wheel/tye package, get rid of the inner lip
  4. Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    2 months and no update????
  5. 1970 1600 Sr20det Turned Over Today After 2 Years

    A tip for the HUD setup, get some really dark reflective window tint and put that on the screen where the HUD will project too, works pretty well, i got told that after a mate had to replace his S13 screen, and found out the price for the HUD specific one was quite a lot more, i think it was windscreens o'brien who told me that Love your avatar pic too, looks like a toy 'kirby'
  6. Movie Car Madness

    Still living in Sydney, Mark, over in Kensington no rush to move back to coffs harbour great progress so far!
  7. Movie Car Madness

    i really need to come out to your place, even if its just to see the extent of your datto collection, 2 weeks time i might be able to help
  8. Sdc Club Car Mk2.

    i'll try to come over, depends what time i start work tomorrow though
  9. 1971 Datsun 1600

    What engine was in this previously? wondering because of the trans tunnel change
  10. 1972 180B SSS never-ending project

    my guess is with all the recent time focused on the 1600's motor, nothing has been done to this, which is fair enough but once this is painted, it will be a massive milestone
  11. Sdc Club Car Mk2.

    good to see the love is still there from you guys
  12. Sdc Club Car Mk2.

    wow, i sure missed out on a working bee, damn it
  13. Datsun 1600 Track Car

    you know this is going to look completely out of place in your engine bay! Great job though, and will be interesting to hear your comments on the differences once it is run in, compared to the old engine
  14. 350 Chev 1600

    what do you plan on using the car for? Why dont you just buy the green 1600 that has a turbo'd v8 in it, just change the front mount setup on that, and she'll look great had a large amount of money recently poured into it, i think it is on carsales

    what sort of km's do you put on the car a year? do you use it for anything other than shows and powercuises? I love the workmanship gone into it, but would just love to see it out in the open more often, that at a datsun meet/cruise would be awsome