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  1. Hi there Guys I've been having issues with an old Bluebird ten bolt diff in the back of my 120y Coupe ( not to mention its a locker ) and this diff just has to go. It's basically destroying steering components, unis, suspension, handling ability and shaking the car to pieces as time goes on. Although I replaced the diff bearings to quieten it down, the ring and pinion are also noisy. Over the noise, " ABSOLUTELY OVER IT " The other problem I have is it bottoms out on the floor pan because the car is low and I don't really want to raise the car because it looks really good the way it is. IT HAS TO GO and I either need somebody to make a new LSD.... " QUIET " ......diff that can fit snugly under the floor pan and possibly maybe give a little more suspension travel without bottoming on the floor pan but, at the same time, must also be able to handle the punch it puts out. It's hooked up behind a pretty healthy CA18 and needs to handle what comes out. If it can't be done with a complete new diff conversion, then I can settle for a complete new LSD diff centre alone but I need somebody who knows their s#$t Can anybody recommend someone in Sydney that can assist with this ? Cheers Guys Pete
  2. Dr Buff

    120Y Parts

    Hey there Fellas Anyone know where I may be able to get a drivers side mould trim which sits on the floor beside the drivers seat for a 120Y Coupe ? Already tried Grahams wreckers and Northern wreckers. Cheers Guys Pete
  3. Hey guys. Can one of the moderators drop me an email about promoted membership. Cheers Pete.
  4. Dr Buff

    My New Ute

    That is a nice looking ute mate. Bloody nice when it all starts to come together. I know how you feel. Can't wait to get my own Datto back from the spray painters. Bit by bit all the jobs are falling over
  5. Dr Buff

    New Datsuns To Be Released In 2014!

    What ever they are, I don't think they're gonna be the high HP animal Dattos we like. Datsun was always intented for low budget, economy and reliablity traits. What a shame they don't bring them out as I'd like them. Lightweight and well powered
  6. Hey Guys Peter 45 Campbelltown Night Compliance Manager, build websites as a hobby and do car detailing on the side. Own a 120Y modified coupe and have always had one of these in the family. Since I got my license actually. First car was a 120y and just seems to have stuck right in there. Currently going pretty much a full rebuild. Not a show car but keeping it tidy. Will be sure to post some pics when ready
  7. Dr Buff

    Datsun Nissan Engine Pictures

    I got a site which is of my own car but you need to private message me fromthedeskofpk@yahoo.com . I'm adding photos to it as I go along
  8. Dr Buff

    Gearbox For Ca18Det

    Hahaha, cool. I don't know all Nissans but I know a 300ZX
  9. When people tell me " what do you smoke " I tell em I smoke Datto. Nah just kidding, too old for that shit, but damn good burnout Mitch
  10. Dr Buff

    Waterless Wash On Cars

    Everybody has mixed views on this subject. I detail and I would never use a waterless car wash on my Datto. This was a tight ass invention that was created purely for water restrictions, nothing more. Get rid of it and save your paint if you ask me.
  11. Hey Guys Anyone out there that can tell me where I can get a drivers side scuff plate or plastic trim that covers the carpet and sill panel for a 120y Coupe.
  12. Dr Buff

    Gearbox For Ca18Det

    No you're right, a ca box won't handle it. What car is a Z32 box out of ? Will this even fit into a 120y ?
  13. Dr Buff

    Gearbox For Ca18Det

    Hey Fellas My motor should be ready soon to go back in my 120y I currently have an MR30 Box sitting in the car that bolts up to my motor. The one problem I have though is that this motor is expected to break 400 at the flywheel when it's completed. The box I don't see is going to cope. Not only this, but it's gotten real sloppy over the years, and just for once I'd like to have a box that is more up to date, with close ratio shifts, and can also take a shitload of grunt without having to go a dog box Anyone got any ideas of what other factory boxes can go into a 120coupe mounted behind a CA18DET ?? Cheers Peter
  14. Dr Buff

    Awesome Whine From A Ca18Det

    Hey Max Can't you buy these kits ready to go ?? I went on that site your talking about. There's so much crap on there mate !! I just emailed them about the cost, but I didn't know it has to be custom made. That would cost an arm and a leg wouldn't it ? Pete.
  15. Dr Buff

    Pulled Over Again

    really appreciate you taking the time to reply in such depth thanks so much Hey Champ I have to say mate, I don't know if it's just luck but I generally find the less loud your car looks in appearance, the less you'll probably be hassled by cops I've got a CA18DET in my 120, but I have to admit my inter cooler is hidden behind the grill. It doesn't stand in your face. Visble intercoolers is basically screaming " look at me look at me "..............and Cops will look !! Also going from experience in my lifetime of modified cars, age also has allot to do with it. I'm 44 these days, and when Cops see me in the car, they see an O'l Fart driving a highly modified car. If they saw my son driving my car, they'd write him off. Engineers certificate or not. They'll find something !! If there is one thing Cops don't like is young blokes getting around in turbo charged modified small cars. The less louder you can make your car look the better it will be for you. I've often been pulled up by Cops for RBT'S, and although rarely, I'm sometimes asked " is this car Turbo charged " Once I reply yes, they have a quick squiz , they sometimes look through the grill and spot the inter cooler and then leave me alone. They don't even bother to ask " pop the bonnet " I've even had a Highway Cop once ask me if she goes hard while being breath tested. Cops aren't exactly stupid, they got some idea about cars and who is driving. Why you ask ? Age and Driving Experience. It's not just about emissions and RTA'S or EPA'S, even engineers certificates. What your license says in my opinion has allot to do with it. If it says "P" your screwed !! If it says anything to do with driving trucks or even a riders license, that to a Cop spells........ " RESPONSIBILITY " Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my fellow club members are not responsible drivers but Cops don't know you from a bar of soap when they pull you up in your heavily modified 1600 sporting fat rubber, inter coolers higher than your bonnet, an exhaust half the width of your tyre, and with a hair drier bigger than your engine. Believe me Champ, the inter cooler is the least of your problems. You could get that certified, they'll find something else to hit you with. There is a myriad of things your car can be defected with. For an engineer to give you a certificate certifying everything about your car, he would have to write a book and none of them are going to do that. My inter cooler isn't even listed in my engineers certificate. I'm damned sure what license you hold is a determining factor in being or not being defected. I have a HR and R license. When most cops see my license, and I'm also 44 ( and my own car is not exactly a sleeper ) they don't even bother to ask about the car. Switch that around to a P Plate, or even normal license, especially if your in your twenties with a highly modified car and you can see how the picture changes..........Young guy + little years driving experience + highly modified car + Cop = defect after defect. Is the solution " grow old and get a truck license " ? I don't know, it's just what I believe is the answer If anyone can prove me otherwise, I'd like to hear your side Food for thought. Pete. Dr Buff you've got a good point there pete/Dr Buff, i do believe it also does comes down to the person aswell and how they drive their car on a regular basis, if they are the type of person that flogs their car around, spins their tyres at any chance that they get and generally drives at above the speed limit then its only gonna be a matter of time before the boys in blue start noticing them, im almost 23 and ive had 2 cars in my life, my first was a mk1 escort which only had minor modifications ie motor, suspension, brakes, mags, but being young/younger i useto fly around town, pull skids from time to time and just generally do what every 17-21 year old does, i had my fair share of runs in with the fun police and main roads, mind u a big silver stripe down the side of a white car wouldn't have made me to be like a wolf in sheeps clothing either and during my time i lost my lisence for 3 month and got 1 speeding ticket after that, since then ive sold the escort to my old boy and bourght myself a datsun 1600 with a ca18det and it doesn't have a big arse intercooler hanging out of the grille but it is quite low and has a 3" exhaust system which when it isnt dragging itself over speed bumps its only loud when u start to get up it, any other time it just sounds like any other car with a mild exhaust system, i regularly attend hotrod and charity cruise's but dont attend any other cruise's with the younger car community just cause in my oppinion even tho they could be decent people but when u get a bunch of them together all they want to do is race each other and just be down right dickheads and its only a matter of time when u start driving around with them then the fun police will start noticing you, ive had my datto for just a lil over a year now and i havent been pulled over once (touch wood) and i do belive it comes down to how you drive, ofcourse you may give it a lil more gas or hook it around a corner but it takes us back to our younger days and puts a smile on our face from ear to ear but any other time i drive within the limit abide by the rules and generally just try and enjoy driving my car, i also race my car in our local bitumen sprints so i know what it takes to pull a car up in a hurry and how easy it is for you to loose control of a vehicle but controling a car on a racetrack to driving it on the street are totally different and offer many more obsticles than what the track could offer, even the best of drivers make mistakes, take for instance peter brock, he won bathurst how many times and he was an oustanding driver but unfortunantly in the end he lost his life doing the thing he loves best, its when you get people using the road for a racetrack people get pissed off and the police start to take more action and notice you more, at the end of the day the police are just doing their job, as much as i do hate the police id also hate to be in their position so if you do happen to get pulled over by the police when they ask u a question nicely answer their question and give them a big arse smile cause once you start giving them a hard time that is when they are gonna make it hard for you, speak to them how you'd like to be spoken to. Very valid points indeed Jet You can just imagine some of the accidents these guys attend from guys who were drag racing and ended up nearly killing each other or how they may have inadvertently killed some one else's kid because of it. I don't think I could do their job It's sad yes, that you can't drive around in a modified car without constantly being picked on by Cops because of past events of what Cops know about modified cars and young kids driving them. Look at WRX'S Would you own one knowing the reputation these cars have with the Cops? The only guys I know that don't get hassled with these cars are guys who are senior in age. Also, even though I may be 44 years of age, I don't own a car like this so I can always drive it slow. I'm also not the sort of person who even attends races or goes to drags. The car only ever saw the track once and that was on recommendation from the mechanic who built it. Even I'm human and like to have a little bit of fun with it on public roads, but I don't do it in fifty zones either or in a way that endangers other families using our roads. Don't get me wrong, I don't drag race on public roads. That scares me too much these days with these sort of cars. The Datto I have today is not the Datto that I had 30 years ago. I am a father of three kids and I sure as hell would not want two guys flying past me in overpowered small cars while I'm driving or having some idiot losing control of his car because it was fun to play racings amongst other traffic. And I'm the one who pays the price by having one of my kids mamed for life or killed I'm talking in terms of overtaking as quickly as possible when I need to, or you need to get past some heavy traffic real quick, or even evading the traffic moron who really thinks he's going to stop you in his killer 300 KLW HSV, from getting in front of him because you shot past all the que in traffic, because he thinks he can............when really he can't. HAHAHA LOL. I'm pretty sure there would be quite a few forum members here that have gone through that experience and laughed at it after they've done away with them. I once got asked by a friend " are you watching Bathurst today " and I said nope. He then said " Why not, don't don't you like V8'S " I then replied........" Nope ! they're not fast enough " and he laaaaaaaaughed his ASS OFF . That's where I like to use the power of the cars we own here. when It's needed. You've gotta face it, we really are Kings of the roads in terms of what we drive. We just need to be responsible about it and do it safely. And yes, " NEVER " get rude with Cops Nobody wins against them Cheers Jet Pete