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  1. 1200 Ute Axle

    I should have put my number in the original thread. Please only contact me on 0432736799. Txt message any time. Thanx.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, I apologise if it's not, but my mate has a 1200 ute with an sr20det. He snapped an axle and can't find a replacement. If u have 1 or know where to get 1, please let me know ASAP. We r in the penrith area of nsw. Cheers. Kev
  3. Any thing to update Ludachris?? Im keen to c more progress. I have followed this build for quite a while and i been lovin it. Keep it up mate
  4. on wed the 3rd of march (only 3 days ago) my wife Sarah gave birth to our first child weighing in at 9lb even, and 51cm long, with 10 fingers and 10 toes, Isabella is a beautiful addition to our family and we r so proud of her. She is settling in wonderfully at home, and her great grandparents came up for the day to check her out. Like me, they r curious to know how i could be part of something so beautiful, but, i will gladly take the credit Clearly the good looks come from Sarah. This means the plans for my 200B have been put on the back burner even further now, which is sad, but at the mo i have more important things on my plate. Im not sure how to put up a pic so ill try it later when i get more time, but until then, ill enjoy my time with my new family member
  5. Well, Found out some exciting news a couple of weeks ago.. I've knocked up the mrs.. First child on the way, if its a boy, my 200B will b a father son project.. If its a girl.. it will (if she wants) b a father daughter project.. Either way, we r really excited bout it, and we cant wait.
  6. Wanted: Motovation

    I have bucket loads of motivation.. Just got no coin for my 200B.. Id love to b able to get into it, It sux hard that i cant afford it at the mo.. and its not lookin to good for the next few yrs either.. Hope u find some soon mate
  7. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    Saw FIVETEN on QCTV (brisbane's community station bris 31) on the cruisin show. it was at a show. First car on the show for the night.. Very nice good job with the beast mate
  8. My First Post!

    welcome to datnet mate. hope u enjoy ur time here and most importantly enjoy ur datsun keep us posted on ur progress
  9. Oil Cooler,

    When i had my 180sx it had a light on the dash for the turbo temp, so if it got to hot the light would come on then u just settle down for a while to let it cool down again. my question is, would it be a good idea to put an oil cooler in the oil feed line to the turbo to cool the oil b4 it goes though the turbo, then have the return line going back into the motor like normal (eg; motor-oil feed line-cooler-turbo-motor) or would this b a waste of time,cash and space?? cheers
  10. Series 2 Trx Disc Rear

    to hook up the cable what was required.. im pickin up a trx rear in a couple of weeks then ill b wantin to fit it asap.. For the fronts i was gonna hit Baz (from datsport) up for some R31 coilovers.. what did u do bout gettin a LSD.. im lookin around for a lsd replacement for the stock open wheeler set up, but ive just started lookin so havent found anything yet??
  11. Series 2 Trx Disc Rear

    and could u fit r31 rear discs (or any other bigger discs) to the unit
  12. Rust Bullet

    so noone has heard of this??
  13. Cheap Base For Project..

    I cant get the link workin.. but the web page is http://www.pickles.com.au/damaged/vehicle/...2121712/lotid-0 enjoy
  14. i found this 200B for those who can get to the Pickles motor auctions in tullamarine Vic.. and wantin a 200b project.
  15. Series 2 Trx Disc Rear

    does this (29 spline) mean it could take more power?? and could u fit r31 rear discs (or any other bigger discs) to the unit