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  1. Datsport Front Struts

    Hi, Baz said - The struts are the same spec as these Datsun high performance street strut 1600 510 180B 200B but with fixed platform 88mm dia progressive rate springs and rubber brake hoses. I have now sold them tho, sorry...
  2. Loom With My Sr20

    Thanks heaps!!! You guys are awesome!
  3. Loom With My Sr20

    Hey, just one more question... The dude has offered me "are you wanting the stock sr loom in return then $200 as the stock looms are worth $150" Is this decent?
  4. Loom With My Sr20

    Thanks heaps for that... I will probs advertise on the datto forums then and see how I go
  5. Hey guys, I listed my complete SR20 and loom on ebay but it didn't sell... I don't know if this link will work... Nissan S13 Silvia/180sx SR20DET Complete Package - eBay Other, Engines, Components, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 22-Mar-10 16:46:57 AEDST) I will be relisting it shortly. The loom was prepared by PLMS Developments. There is a dude asking me to sell him my PLMS loom and he'll give me his stock loom... He says "I am also able to supply a loom that would better suit the general public market for that sr" He has also said "I have a standard sr loom off an s13 redtop manual turbo if you want to swap it as i dont know how well the plms loom will go in a silvia. I say that because you are sorta aiming the sr your selling at the s13 market." Is this right? Is he pulling my leg? I don't know much about this stuff... I would rather just sell the package as it is with the PLMS loom... or should I sell him my loom and sell the SR20 with his loom? I know nothing :P Please help... Thanks, Jodie
  6. Datsport Front Struts

    Oh you can see the old website? Thats great, I will use that wording and hope it makes sense to others haha, thanks heaps Baz just replied to my email... They are so helpful!
  7. Datsport Front Struts

    Oh you can see the old website? Thats great, I will use that wording and hope it makes sense to others haha, thanks heaps
  8. Hi everyone, I purchased the Front strut and brakes kit - Part No. dsk-32std from Datsport a while ago. Hopefully the pics I am putting on work? Unfortunately I am not going ahead with my datto sr20 project and I was wondering if someone would be able to give me the spec's on these so that I can advertise them, I see that Datsport aren't selling these particular ones anymore, they are all adjustable coilover? I have sent 2 emails to Datsport asking this question but have had no reply! I would really appreciate your help on this... Thanks Heaps, Jodie
  9. Help On My Datsun 1600

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of putting all my parts on ebay... Check it out! My member name is skr_81 Parts include, All brand new stuff from Datsport, parts from the 2 datsuns I had, pretty much EVERYTHING!
  10. Help On My Datsun 1600

    Where in Qld are you north or south side of brisbane with the car at the moment . May be able to help. Hi mrQld, I am on the south side of Brisbane towards Ipswich... The thing is now though, is that I now don't get along with my brother in law haha... So if I did have someone to do the shell for me, I'd have to have someone put the car back together for me as well I think I am just better of selling the gear I have, and buy something already complete...
  11. Help On My Datsun 1600

    Talk to a few panel beaters,that one sound like he just not interested in it ..get a few opinions first. Thats the thing tho, I have had the car to at least 5 panel beaters already that end up telling me that they don't have the time to do it... So obviously it is too much work??
  12. Help On My Datsun 1600

    Ok, so... I had a panel beater look at the car and he wasn't too happy with the rust situation... He said it is fixable but ALOT of work... He suggested just buying a Datsun in good condition and putting all the parts that I have in it, or if it has the stuff I have already in it, I'd just sell the parts I have... Now it's just a matter of finding a datsun in good condition... What do you guys think? This is pretty cool... 1971 DATSUN 1600 SEDAN MANUAL P510 REGISTERED - FJ20DET - eBay, Passenger Vehicles, Cars, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 12-Jan-10 20:43:56 AEDST) I LOVE this car... Datsun 1600 - Boostcruising.com
  13. Help On My Datsun 1600

    Thanks Max, That sounds like a good idea... I don't have any recent pics on me at the moment, so I might go around and take some and post them soon. Thanks again, Jodie
  14. Help On My Datsun 1600

  15. Help On My Datsun 1600

    Hi Guys, I need help... Here is my story... In October 2005 I bought my Datsun 1600, I then bought a SR20DET half cut. From then on, I have stripped the car down, had it sandblasted and have had at least 5 panel beaters over the last 4 years interested in cutting the rust for me, but when I phone them for an update, they say "sorry, we have been to busy to do anything to your datsun" At the beginning of this year the brother of my brother in law offered to finish the datsun for me, including cutting the rust and putting it together for me for an amount of money... I paid him some money to start it off, and he has completed the front end, but thats where it has stopped as he has found himself a new job and doesn't have the time to work on it... To tell you the truth, I think he has spent the money I gave him Anyway, I still have some cash, I just want someone to cut the rust for me, and then I can put the datsun back together myself (and my bro in law) as I have all of the parts for it to be finished... So if anyone wants to cut rust for me, or knows of anyone that will do it for some quick cash then let me know, I'm desperate... I don't want to give up on it after I've spent so much money on it... BTW, I can bring the car wherever needed, it is currently stored in Redbank Plains... Thanks, Jodie - (and yes, I'm a girl, so I can't cut rust myself and don't particularly want to learn :P