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  1. Wedding Cars

    you can take this man :p only 1 catch......... u gotta get it out of the impound lot haha but on the upside you can keep it if you get it out .....AND it cas a free couch in the back.
  2. Old school JDM style wheels

    yeah look in the sponsors section on ae86dc those guys are always gettin containers in
  3. Bargain Skyline R30 $17000

    we have two of those in a paddok, and they have both been ahnilated so i guess that onley leaves 2 more that can be registerd
  4. Jokes / Funnies Thread

    dude that is some on the funniest shit ive ever read
  5. Datto dilema

    man go the 180 i love my sss, most ppl dont even know what it is lol
  6. 8 second 240Z

    that thing is out of controll ! and its street registerd by the look of things !
  7. mr30 skyrice gear box

    hey guys i just finished putting a mr 30 skyline gearbox in my 74 180b sss. i was just wondering if the ratios in these boxes are any differnt to the standard 1s or re the l series 6 cyl garboxes the same as the 4 ??????? cheers joel.
  8. my 180b sss z18/l20b

    thanks man, the paint job should be done soon, so it wont look so ghetto , but i bought a boost tap yesterday and im running 12 psi now ...... loves 3rd now haha
  9. my 180b sss z18/l20b

    and this 1
  10. my 180b sss z18/l20b

    hey lads got some new pics... got new wheels n shit here are the rims , they are 13x8 -0 ofset with a 155 70 r stretche on em
  11. Apprenticeship early completion

    yeah im doing the same thing, but as soon as i finish tafe ( 6 months) i can apply and they just send someone out to your workplace and give you an assesment, then they sighn u off
  12. women of the 21st century??

    and people wonder why there is domestic abuse in the world
  13. Im finally a true member

    haha lismore u know its quality when it comes from there hahaha....
  14. bbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahha its soo true hahaha
  15. c16 on the street.....

    totaly worth it lol . just by any random chance u get inspected by the rta ( which it happens, ive been inspected twice now) and they pick it up then BAM, your walikng home with a verry sore ass