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  1. Pete, the only guy i know that's good with diff's is Terry @ Award diff's in seven hills http://www.truelocal.com.au/business/award-diff-and-gearbox-services/seven-hills
  2. fveten

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    great update Mr peters. How did you get the speedo up in the left corner, of the video's ?? Shawn, i'd be keen to do a 6 hr or something like that..
  3. fveten

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Here is Chris Howard behind the wheel of SR1600 http://youtu.be/Y2iqLK5fcEo
  4. fveten

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    sure was terry. the 2 corners i couldn't do on xbox, still couldnt master on the track.. Was good to see you come down , even without your 16... It's all about getting amongst it.. ! Here is my last run on the circuit. 2:04..... http://youtu.be/oZ8mOatHn5s
  5. fveten

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Same, brad. Got back last night after about 12 hrs of driving. Would do it again in a heart beat.. Well organised event. Lets see how it progresses into NDN15 in warwick !! Hope they bring on the drags again ..! Have to do more road trips away with the club.. Brings out the best in people... BTW , Racing around PI was the best fun ive had in old 'gordo' , in a long time.. Came back with a leaking flange gasket, and a i can never tire of the smell of burnt AVGAS...
  6. fveten

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Thanks Kay !!! Im a little excited about the nats !!
  7. fveten

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Confirm Brad...8.00 meet up @ pheasant's nest on Thursday 28th (march) Plan is to drive down to Ned Kelly Country and stay overnight @ wangaratta. then its a easy5-6 hr drive to PI..
  8. new video up on Youtube !!.. Hope to have the car 'prepared' for next sunday..... !! http://youtu.be/5WkYPcUZjKg
  9. fveten

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    give them a ring. i think a few rooms are available. 03 5952 2003..
  10. Hey all, I've entered the Shitbox Rally this year with my mate Steve (Jonte). We've aquired a 180b wagon that is truely worthy of the name 'Shitbox'. http://www.shitboxrally.com.au/ Each team has a goal to raise $5000 for the Cancer Council. The target of this year is over $1 million. There is around 200 teams participating in the rally, with the budget on each car to be up to the value of $1000. Jonte & I (Karl), have entered as South African Game Park Hunters, & Rally champions Hailing from Durban. Here is a few video's of our aquisition of the 'Jungle B'.. (warning, we might be taking the piss, so, Extreme sarcasm exists in these video's) If your from South Africa, toughen up.. http://youtu.be/e0q8zgF8tzo We took the 'Jungle B' to carlovers for a clean.. http://youtu.be/AO8Zs-a1XO8 Getting it running on 'makers mark' http://youtu.be/IevfAQuYX_k So, we are organising a Nostalgic Car Cruise to Wisemans Ferry , on Sunday 24th March 2013, down to the park,(on the pub side) for a bbq and a mini show n shine ( very low key event). I know alot of people are heading to the Nationals the weekend after, so its a perfect time to get your car out & see how it runs before the big drive down south. I'll be inviting a few other marques, like the mazda's, toyota's & the like. So all cars of nostalga, are welcome to come. Entry fee is $10per car which gives the driver a S/Sanger ,from the BBQ, with all the money going to the Cancer Council, for the Shitbox rally 2013. If you would like to donate & help our support of the Cancer Council, here are our details http://fundraise.shitboxrally.com.au/teamjungleb The cruise will run from Mcgraths hill Macca's ,(MEET UP AT 10.30 FOR A 11AM LEAVE) down Wisemans Ferry road , down into the Park. I was going to do the run down via the river road, but it had 2 dirt sections in it still, so its a bit rough for some of the cars coming along. I might do some maps & make it run 2 for those who don't mind the dirt !! Look forward to seeing you all there on the day !! Karl..
  11. fveten

    FIA-510 The L series Project.

    sure did.. the belt did jack shit.... old gordo had too much power .... i'll end up wrapping it in carbon, like you said.. might do the roof as well... Can't be asked to paint it this side of the nats...
  12. fveten

    FIA-510 The L series Project.

    Alot of water under the bridge since last april. Installed the Stroker , for a run over to S.A for Datelaide. (may 2012). Old gordo, went like a boar all the way.. Been racing a few times around eastern creek for the Motor Magazine twilight nights.. Finally got access to a dyno ( Insight Motorsport). ran it up on tuesday night, with the following specs. Std V91 (bluey) cyl head with wade 72 deg cam. 89mm bored 200b block with all the parts listed in the previous post. same 45mm webers used in the first dyno run a few years back. ( Std S2 V91 head with med>low comp pistons = 72 kw atw.) Ran 98 kw on its first run. !! Changed the chokes from 36 to 38mm. and it ran 104 kw.. Knocked back the timing 2 deg to run a 108.5 kw. We ran it up with & without the Pipercross filter.. Made Zero HP diff, on or off.... Next step, to run a pair of 50mm mikuni's to see how much we can get out of a cammed std low comp L20b with a 2.4 displacement. Hoping for around 115-120 kw atw..