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  1. Penruff

    Be a westie not a surfy, suck a tit and not a testie............... Straight from the first real shire BAULKHAM HILLS SHIRE
  2. Clint Nicky Maxamus Stone

    After all these years i thought he was GAY ............................
  3. Event 2008 Lugarno Lions Spring Fair announced

    I will be there going to start pushing it there now dont want to be late... Might bring the mustang instead bit easier..
  4. Wsid

    Good time ... but free diff thanks WAITUP , standard shafts , 60 bucks worth of VB Move over big boy ........
  5. SDC winter cruise 29/6/08

    The new prob is its to hot to work in there thanks dude it cranks..
  6. SDC winter cruise 29/6/08

    Thanks champ i might take you up on that or pull your finger out and get the golden nugget there, good way to clock up run in mileage! Keep in mind i am unemployed as of tomorrow how long do you think it will take . And as fof run up mileage i reckon a special little GO DATO burn out will bed it in just right..
  7. SDC winter cruise 29/6/08

    Thanks champ i might take you up on that
  8. where is GODATO

    if he gets a 10 out of that dinosaur i'll walk naked up george st city and hope he has a good supply of half shafts IN A NON SIK WAY I cant wait to see that............if you can make more than ten steps in a row.
  9. Wsid

    Go the dato I mean the boat anchor dato..
  10. Tarmac Motorkhana Sunday 4th May

    Any one have a spare car
  11. Wsid

    Nice time champ well done.... GO SR and all that bull crap just shws all these other sr powerd 10th build must be doin some thing wrong when a stocker comes out and pulles out that time i thought my sr was ok with a 13.000 STOCK Any way jeff well done YOU deserve it 4 NOW GO THE FJ .. 9 YEARS TIME TO PLAY ............................ FJ POWER FJ POWER FJ POWER
  12. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    My r180 just got back to me and it said if you weld me up i will not slip in 3rd gear 3/4 track with an sr maybe drifting with a fj tho BUT you are right.... WE WILL SEE..... PS looks very nice lots of thought and effort... GO THE DATO..
  13. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    Looks and sounds nice Whats wrong with a locked r180 but with standard shafts
  14. Osr20t - 1971 Datsun 1600 With Sr20det

    All these years Pete and you finally got a couple of tenths of a second on the 30 year old motor!!! You have had more versions of the car/motor than there has been rocky movies trying to get there!!! Look out for the FJ's TO HIT BACK EVEN HARDER, make the most of it champ!!!!
  15. Where your car sleeps/gets worked on

    Pitty you cant weld..........