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  1. I am looking for an original radio/ head unit for my 1975 120Y Datsun, i am restoring the inside to its original glory and am in desperate need of one these beautys, also i have to original 1.2ltr engine in it and am looking to making it sound better and go faster, can anyone make any suggestions so that when i go to my mechanic i dont sound like a total novice and get ripped off big time.
  2. thanks mate, i am looking forward to having a fun car
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    Name is Corey Hall, i am recently unemployed, Brisbane due to the floods I have just swapped my mitsubishi Pajero for a 1974 120Y, its was due to a very good friend of mine who is a mechanic buying a 1975 Datsun wagon which i love. I look forward to learning as much as i can about these cars and gaining more and more experience with them.\ If you wanna ask anything or just wanna make friends i am more then happy to oblige, Thanks
  4. Hey, i have a mechanc friend and he bought a 1975 Datsun Wagon, i fell in love striaght away, now due to circumstances changing i ended up swapping my Mitsubishi Pajero for a 1974 120Y datsun, its all original down to the fact it has a leaded engine, but there are a few things missing which i am looking for, like the orignal tape deck and i am very new to this and i have no idea where to find bits and pieces that is required to make this old beaituful car even more beautiful