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  1. Best SR20 to 1600 conversion kit

    i used the maddat kit, no dramas whatsoever. datsports kit offers more bang for your buck but for ppl on a budget the maddat kit is the way to go, great ppl to deal wit too!!! but for struts and brakes u jus cant beat datsport!!!!!!
  2. strange noise and vibration.......

    thanks for all the suggestions guys, if i drive like a granny (the sr20 dont like that!!) it seems to be fine but under any type of hard accelration it grinds away a the vibration in the clutch is present, my tacho doesnt work so i cant put a rev range on when this occurs but it does go away at around 60 km/ph
  3. strange noise and vibration.......

    hi all, my sr 1600 has started making a sort of grinding noise on take off thru gears 1 to 3 which goes away at speed, also whilst this noise is present the clutch pedal vibrates. clutch or diff???
  4. what type of r200??

    jus wondering if its possible to use a shortnose r200 diff in a sr 1600? or does it have to be longnose?
  5. r31 struts

    hi all, i'm looking at gettin some r31 struts for my 510, do they have to be a specific model r31? and will they bolt up without much hassle? thanks.
  6. south west WA

    i know but most of those ppl r in perth, im chasin ppl from bunbury to augusta way. a bit closer to me than perth.
  7. south west WA

    jus wanna round up anyone from the south west of WA usual things..... name age location ride bit about urself... i'll kick it off... eoin 24 busselton sr20det 510 (looks like a sh#t box but i'm workin on it!!) i work as a storeman, have 2 kids 2 12 and 5 months, keen on finding some other car enthusiasts other than my V8 mates. oh yeah i like dogs and long walks on the beach!!! lol....
  8. ecu

    i'm looking at getting a new ecu to replace the standard s13 ecu, any suggestions? getting a t3t4 turbo also, so will i have to change my ecu? or will teh factory one be ok?
  9. tram tracking

    hi all, my datto 1600 has major tram tracking problems, it shoots off to one side randomly while driving. i have installed a bump stee brace from maddat but it hasn't done a whole lot. any suggestions?
  10. rotors

    jus chasin an opinion on what type of rotors i can put on my 1600 with 200b struts. verada mabey?
  11. pits

    thanks datstooge, i'll give it a go. n yes it's in a fiveten. u from bunno?
  12. problem!! help!!

    everyones got their own poison i guess, i dont give a crap what people put into their dattos as long as they look sweet n go like a shower of s#*t, even if they look crap n run even worse the fact is that they're still out there n alive, most better than the day they came off the production floor. the datto to me represents the beginings of one of the most respected car companies ever n the fact that we're all drawn here because we all have one thing in common, we all own our own piece of history no matter what beast u have hidden under the bonnet. skitz L16, L18, L20B, FJ, Z18, CA18, rotary or SR20, its all the same to me. Passion......
  13. problem!! help!!

    why would i pull out a perfectly good sr20det (possibly one of the greatest engines 2 come out of japan) which only jus got put in, n swap it for an FJ? not baggin any FJ owners out there but my SR suits me jus fine....
  14. problem!! help!!

    thanks for all the help guys, it was the fuse for the fuel pumps heating up n starting to melt. problem sorted now tho.
  15. datsport brake boosters/ master cylinders

    jus found out girlock calipers come from old fords n holdens. they were on the 1600 when i bought it.