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  1. DATNET... The land full of information. Thank you.
  2. Max

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    How's the knee?
  3. Max

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    Raz should update his build thred...
  4. Max

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    Hey copdat, I know the feeling - i have opened the garage less than a hand full of times in the last few months- just to make sure i dont have nesting possums or any thing in any of the cars. - broke gear box the weekend after i got back from south australia ( kinda would & would not be funny if it had happened on the trip ) and that is where it has sat since. Give or take staring at it with a bourbon in hand. The 1000 mite make datsun day again if i pull my finger out. You going to get your car to datsun day? Have
  5. Max

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    click http://datnet.org/to...-meeting-venue/
  6. Max

    Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    This is what i have been talking about from the committee side.... From: sdccommitte On Behalf Of chuck Sent: Wednesday, 4 July 2012 1:55 PM To: sdccommittee Subject: Re: [sdc-committee] Cabramatta This whole topic is a lose lose situation… We are always going to find a split of ppl who want it here or there or what ever. It does not matter if the club has to change some details if the meets are not at the golf club. Life goes on. I think maybe we need to look at attendance records of meetings over the last 2 years - factor that in and then have a public vote for general members. Committee only for vote count and then a committee decision made. Its going to get messy, ( some ppl are going to have a cry) The final decision should be made for the members not based upon the committee member that has been in the club the longest or who has a higher rank in the club. I think there are more important things in this/our club to fix like just being able to prioritize a sub-committee meeting once every month or 2. m5c Regards, Chuck So if we arrange a meeting and a vote how many ppl are going to turn up? Is it going to be the case of all the ppl that want cabra back and dont attend meetings regulary turn up on vote night only? Or is it going to be the other way around? If the monthly meeting night is a cold winter night, are we going to get as many members as if its a warm summer night? Winter numbers are allways down- im keen for a vote- im happy at either club ( or another ). This is about giong the right way about it. So what next you say.... Well- do we give a months notice or how about 2 months to say we are going to have a vote? What is fair?? Who will winge first?????? Who will get what they want and do something or nothing with it?? So many tough questions.... ( all for the love of Datsuns ) I will drive to either club because Datsuns will allways be a part of my life- What will you do?? DATSUN - FARK YEAH
  7. Looks like another good day out. Heaps jealous - :thumbsup: One day soon ill get my car / s going again......
  8. Max

    1963 Cedric, Now Must Go Nsw

    Awesome car- wish I had the room for more DATSUNS. Who ever gets this is getting a top original car.
  9. Knee surgery, ouch- new MTB too tuff 4 you?
  10. So we try to get 3 1000 wags out there? That will never happen. Lets try for 2.
  11. Max

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    You like boys.
  12. Wonder if i can get the 1000 running for this. The last time i drove it ( cos it is so low ) i collected one of the U bolts around the diff on a lump of cement sticking up from the ground and it pushed the whole diff back on one side so now the rear right wheel is touching the back of the wheel arch. ( it would be funny if it was not mine ) Since then it has been sitting in garage. ( 6 months maybe ). You taking the burnout king car or somthing else?
  13. Max

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    Hey Shawn, not up late- Whats doing? You or any one else out there up for a beer in the next week or so?
  14. Max

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    What's doing all? Good to see this is cracking.