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  1. One week till the SDC cruise to Wings Over Illwarra Sunday the 5th of May 2013 below is the map of the cruise: We will meet at Heathcoate Railway station for a around 7:30 am leave we are to be at the show NO latter than 9:30am we would like to enter the show all together as a club (if you would like to meet us there plz msg me) . (note there will be left turn only into the show, see map) You will be asked to leave your cars parked there till close of the show at 3pm. Entry fee will be $5 per person (way cheaper than not parking your car on display) Please make sure you have a parking pass as given out at the last meeting if you dont have one and would like to attended plz msg me for one & i will bring it along. Cheers K http://goo.gl/maps/zM4Wk
  2. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Just a Update it will be a 8am meet at pheasants nest for a 8:30am leave !!!! option 1
  3. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Hey Guys & Girls , Heres The SDC run down for the cruises for the trip to the Nats. Option 1 : Leaving Thursday 28th at 8am from Pheasent nest Service station for a 2 day trip stopping somewhere around wangaratta overnight, with some sight seeing stops along the way. Option 2 : Leaving Friday 6am sharp Goulburn SOUTH McDonalds (just off the 2nd Goulburn exit) For a straight through drive in one day , with rest stops along the way. For more info on option 1 please contact or comment here Mark (Fveten) also for his moblie number for the trip. For more info on option 2 please contact or comment here Kaylene (LadyDatsin) also for her moblie number for the trip. Please comment below which option you may be intending on going on. Thanks Kay
  4. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    this was the only way to get this committe to respond i hav sent 6 emails over a 6week period with no responce and nothing done about the issue they cant say they were too busy as they post on here and other places but havnt got 5mins to respond or adress this issue via committe emails it was the only way to get them to notice and the issue is still not resolved or spoken about.
  5. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    I agree guys lets put it to a vote with the 3 options & it is a good idea to put maybe email votes to the committiee as well . If the people either turn up just to vote because they want cabb back that should b fine as IF they r still members they hav a right to a vote like anyone who atends still now! that gose both ways. I think the both venues is a good idea as i brought up b4 like other clubs do as well , it makes it a little fairer on all members given those who like both places for whatever reasons (ie distance , prices etc) a chance to enjoy the meetings and attend at least a few. We do need a committtee meeting guys its been slack not having one this yr yet!!
  6. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    i think the committee need to hav a committee meeting on the subject very soon, I belive us (the committe ) r there as a vioce of the members & should listern to members thoughts / concerns and decied basted on that not what we think ourselves i think a members vote would b the best idea but we need to advise all members either throu the newsletter emails etc so they can hav a chance to hav their say & b there if they wish to vote. It dose need to b looked into & members advised on what the findings we as the committie find gathered from members say etc. Please everyone bring your concerns up at a meeting or email a committee member !! we dont know your thoughts if u dont it is your club (members) plz raise your issues so we can do our best to solve what we can! On that note as i seem to b getting no reply from committiee can you also check your committiee emails & reply now & then so we as the committiee can keep up to date with some issues etc!!! My promise to you members was i would b your vioce but i cant unless you all let us (committee) what your thoughts on any subject is i thank those members who hav given some sugestions ie our last run was a great sucess thanks to members sugestions & thoughts keep them comming guys & girls Cheers Kay
  7. Sdc July Cruise

    Thanks Everyone for comming today was a great day and turnout !!!! 18 cars attented the day thats awesome even if there was a bit of rain Here's some pics of the day Cheers Kay Thanks again everyone for comming & making it a top cruise!! See you all at the Next one
  8. Sdc July Cruise

    See you all tommorow
  9. Sdc July Cruise

    Yes its still on!!!!!!!!! this sunday start old clive peters carpark cusual mega center for a 10am leave sharp!!!!!!!!! and as many cars that go lol Cheers Kay
  10. Sdc July Cruise

    Hey & guys & girls, The SDC monthly cruise for July is to the Robertson Pie Shop on Sunday 22nd. We will be keeping to the back roads through Camden, Picton, Bargo stopping at Mittagong for a morning tea catch up stop where you can either leave and head home if you have other plans or continue on through Bowral & the back roads keeping it a more leisurely run. We will be starting at Cross Roads Mega Centre in the old Clive Peters carpark for a 10am start SHARP!! Map of the cruise below please look it over. Weather forecast : A chance of localised snap fog may occur. Hope to see your Dattos & Nissans out Cheers Kay http://goo.gl/maps/Kh6n
  11. Here's the Pics of the day! guys & Gals was a great day some awesome cars on display The SDC cars: The SDC cars: The SDC cars: P5 Rovers: (makes me want to get mine back on the rd) P5 Rovers: 1934 Ford ute: 1928 Chev: 1934 chev roadster: Singer: Holden Sunbird:
  12. Just a quick note its SUNDAY THE 6TH not the 5th Make sure u are all there on time and leave by the set time as we have to be there at 8:30am to b let in hope to see you all there get the datto nissans out ! always a great show! cheers Kay
  13. Datsuns On Google Maps

    Found some of my Bluebirds on google maps my blue stock wagon seems to get around lol 1st at my old house: then again there but with my 1st bluey my P5 rover & my Mazda 929 lol Then busted with the ex at his yard lol the blue stock wags again:
  14. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    I was recently talking to a QPCD member who said they have 3 different venues for the mettings on a rotating roster so the majority of members get the chance to not have to drive as far etc, taking an idea from that why don't we concider something like this ie. have the Prospect one month & another venue (such as one that one of the members have suggested) the next month, this will be fair to both those who like the prospect find it easy to get & to those who find somewhere else better, it becomes a fair win- win for both sides of the debate! & if you say it may confuse some we have our texts, emails, on here, the sdc site, sdc facebook and the meetings to keep members informed of which venue is next, we made the switch to prospect venue without drama.
  15. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    Great to see some guys throwing suggestions in about where to have it and offering to find out some info for the club cheers guys i have a few points: a. Someones car can b followed from ANYWHERE! and if u noticed someone following u go straight to the police with rego! i mean if someone is going to pinch your car they'll do it anywhere. i don't think that has anything to do with venue a bit off topic. b. The agm isn't here yet and you never know people maybe putting their hand up then to join up to the committee !! don't judge just yet! c. yes good idea to bring up at the meeting but also good to bring up on here too so those members that may have other commitments on meeting nights can have a voice on club matters too, may even encourage them to come along to a meeting or event. The members need a voice for them! d. as for pointing out why doesn't anyone put their hand up to drive the club car, most have their own cars to drive hey that's why they joined up & may only get to drive them the once a month etc, i don't feel that saying they should do it benefits the club i think its there to benefit members if they WISH to drive it. but I'm all for asking members to help out with raffles etc maybe point out would anyone like to at the meeting most may think its an allocated job & don't know they can, all u have to do is ask, some may like to be involved in a small way as they may not b able to take on a big roll or task. e. Some good questions to be raised at a meeting fveten, but are some of them relevant to all members??? dose it matter how many datsuns u own? and is it relevant if members are interested in motorsport? some have restored stockers that like to take them for just a nice cruise this would b only relevant if u r trying to see weather its worth holding or attending such events & the question about how often to u drive them should only b relevant when trying to sort out events etc. f. just a thought on when choosing a venue have in mind some members have family's they like to bring along and b involved the venue should b as family friendly as it can be!!! On a personal note your comment on harding up about costs is not a joke!! u do not know people circumstances these people would still like to b involved in the club but don't have big spare funds to do so, its not about harding up i think most in these times feel the pinch, as for harding up i still drive 3hrs to attend the meeting don't think i need to harden up and all your worried about is traffic lights! and its not about pleasing everyone (u cant) its about pleasing the majority. as for organising a run or 2 i have brought up events or runs asking if the club would b interested even passed on flyers, but it seems never to be brought up?? how can someone get the ball rolling if its shrugged off.