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  1. 72 CA18 1600, Project Car

    Well on the net the falcon gt-f does a 12.5 quarter mile so im sure that ill have to open the engine up and forge it. But still i wouldnt have spent $125k to get there like he did
  2. 72 CA18 1600, Project Car

    So since not post posting on this site for quite some time i thought i may do a little up date. Well unfortunately not a great deal has happened since my last post. I now have the gt3071 on a steampipe manifold that we made up then i sent it down to get ceramic coated along with the turbo. Got some 600cc with a turbosmart fuel regulator injectors to help it out, pulled out the butterflys and played around with a die grinder and some flapper wheels. To look after the boost i got a turbosmart hyper gate 48 and i installed a eboost2 that fits nicely in to the drivers side air vent. Ive played around and managed to mount the rx7 seats in place(i thinks they sit just a little bit to high so one day ill cut just a little bit of foam out of them) new hood lining in and also the surge tank and pumps set up. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a SSS grill after a massive ebay bidding war(possibly with one of you fellas). Mounted up the retractable seat bealts and mounted the hand brake on the floor. Set up some 6x9 kicker speackers in the parcel shelf. So this weekend ill be getting a road tune done and ill be trying to get it all engineered
  3. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Hahaha that was my mate chris he has a 180b. My little ca isnt to much at the moment it has been opened up yet but ive have its running a microtech with 600cc injectors ive remove the butterflys and while i was there i played around with a die grinder and some little flapper wheels on the intake i have a gt3071 thats sits up high on a manifold that myself and a mate made up. One ill sort out some cams and some pistons. I only recently just got a goal for my datto and that is now to go down the strip faster then my supervisor gtf falcon that he keeps saying that is all high and mighty but after that i wiuld mind having a go at the hill climbs and track days. My other mate was at bulahdelah with hes 4door r34 skyline and he keeps telling me to get it ready to take up the mountain.
  4. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    I was lucky enough to have watched you at bulahdelah, everytime you did had a run i was getting goosebumps and it gave me motivation to start work on my ca 1600 again. Cheers fella
  5. Reverse Light Wires

    all sorted
  6. Reverse Light Wires

    Hi fella, Just wondering if anyone would be able to help me, i brought a 1600 project with a CA conversion that had been done to it i was testing the lights and found that the reverse light wernt working so i climbed under the car and seen that there are no wires connected to the reverse lamb switch. i got my manual out found out that it ment to be red with black trace wires but im %#@!ed if i can find those wire to connect to the gear box. so if anyone could tell me where those wires are it would be great. cheers
  7. Retractable Rear Seat Belts

    i have that Datsport retractable seat belt kit in my 1600 and its the goods the kit took next to no time to fit it and well worth the money. Plus chicks dig retractable seat belts!
  8. Z18 1600

    hi there fella, your datto is coming together very nicely, cant wait to see ot on the road.
  9. 72 CA18 1600, Project Car

    Thanx mate, yeah at the moment i will be using the stock half shafts. it doesnt seam to have any problems with travel, but i dont now how long tey will last or how stong they will be.
  10. 72 CA18 1600, Project Car

    Hi there fellas I got some new gear for the datto thanks to Baz and Tracy at DATSPORT like the rear disc brakes and recon arm as well as the new rear cross member and also the R200 lsd and I also have the boot all carpeted so its just waiting for the surge tank to be polished up and put in so I got it in and took a few pictures and thought that I should post them. Out with the old And in with the New. Old and new rear brakes Some new springs DATSPORT rear cross member DATSPORT R31 rear disc and arms Koni adjustable R200 lsd 4.375-1 Engine bay now with stainless steel bolts Boot all carpeted waiting for the surge tank
  11. 72 CA18 1600, Project Car

    Hi there, thanks for the comments on the car. well i now have a few new items for the datto. so in the under rear of the car i now have. DATSPORT DKR2600 R31 260mm disc conversion with braided brake hose and SnS plated rotors with rebuilt arms. DATSPORT ARC1600 adjustable rear cross member. DATSPORT RDM2000 R200 diff moustache brace R200 Mechanical LSD 4.375-1 thanks to DATSPORT koni adjustable. And a set of lovells springs i now also have a pair of RX-7 series 6 front seats that will be re trimmed if any one has so ideas of how to mount these seat please email me i saves the best for last. a new Garrett GT3071
  12. 72 CA18 1600, Project Car

    hi there fella, well i got off my arse and have some pictures now oh and i have my koni's so they will be going in on the week end and some carpet for the interior and also the boot has been all carpeted now so its time to put in the surge tank and fuel pump in and also the battery this pic is when i had the intercooler installed and was heading home for the first time its the fastest my datos been in a long time under bonnet from the front with no grill or bumper bars the boot before i carpeted it and my interior not much yet [imghttp://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg40/domtag/P1000501.jpg] all of thes picture are missing a bit of the right hand side of the photo
  13. Hi Fellas, Well here are a few thing that my baby has recived for being so nice. well first off she is now purple, S13 CA18DET, Microtech ltz8, front mount with all aluminum piping, bosch coil, greddy bov, custom aluminum radiator overflow bottel, custom aluminum oil breather can, all speed-flow fittings and hoses, a little bit of turbosmart silicon pipes, 260z front struts and brakes, DatSport Small can booster 7/8 master cylinder, DatSport Steering box support bracket, Changing all bolts to stainless steel button head, Custom 3" dump pipe with 3" lukey exhaust, 2.5lt surge tank with the bosch 044 inline pump with more speed-flow fittings, HKS turbo timer and just had my bumpers and head light surroundings re chrome and now there nice and preaty. Shit load of polishing all the bloody stainless bits Just Making a custom boot to store the battery and the surge tank and pumps. Soon To Come DatSport R31 rear disc brake conversion 290mm complete C kit Koni Adjustable Rear Shocks More Stainless Steel Bolts Front Seats ( if any one has any idea what seats fit nice please let me know ) Wind Screen Wiper Motor, If i can find one then the interior and when i find out how to post pictures i have for you all to have a look at And thanks to Mev and every one that has helped so far Cheers Tag