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  1. Sr20Det Into Datsun 620 Ute

    http://datsunminitruckin.com/sr20det-into-a-datsun-620_topic1632.html You might have see this web site it's got a good break down of the fit up, how much do you want to get out of the sr? I've done a lot of conversions and recommend a good brake/suspension upgrade and good radiator/intercooler package like PWR which you can't go wrong with unlike the options on eBay.
  2. Sr20Det Into Datsun 620 Ute

    Hello Jande, The conversion you are looking at is a good one, you will need custom mounts, and possible engine cross member modifaction. Other then that it is fairly straight forwards as the 620 has a lot of interchangeable parts with other Datsun/nissans. The best thing I could recommend would be to contact a rta recognized engineer and enquire on what is required for rego I.e brake upgrade, emissions and other upgrades required. Just out of interest what is your location?
  3. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Cheers QIK150, On another note, I'll see you at the SummerNats!!!! Ahhh 2013 is going to be a BlasT!!!!
  4. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Hello All, Just interested what day/night people where thinking of driving down to the island?, as i'm trying to organize a few peps from Braidwood/Canberra to do the run. Was thinking of taking the coast road via Cooma to keep it interesting
  5. Having run them now for about 4000kys they are one of the best upgrades I have done, I don't have any issue with the load/weight on the shock mount although I know a few people do beef the mount up, I run the car very hard in hill climbs and on the road and do inspect it at regular intervals of 200 to 250kms as I believe you should with any car you are going to run at high speed or to it...

  6. Hey mate thanks for the link. How do you rate them by the way? do you care that all the weight of the rear is on the shock mounting point?

  7. Hay try http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/category.php/CA=93 they are based in the states I run them on both my cars which are a 1600 and 510 just make shure you get you spring rates right although if you call them they can get you springs for your application.

  8. 71 1600

    Don't know Tyrie, the meshy's may have looked better, I just scored a set of f16 simmons with black centres, are yours 15"? Are yo sticking with the r180? and if so who did you get to make the new companion flange's??? When I get back we got to go for another cruze I hope Jules has his datto going if you see him G him up for me!
  9. LOL the cold an't that bad it brings the boost needle up in the go zone

  10. LOL the cold an't that bad it brings the boost needle up in the go zone

  11. The NSW RTA is proposing changes to the current registration system for modified vehicles. These changes will mean that the majority of modified vehicles will be classified as individually constructed and will have to comply with the ADR's current on the day that it goes for registration. Please follow the link below and sign the petition to assist us in taking the fight to the NSW Transport Minister . Don’t forget to forward this email to all your family and friends and ask them to sign it on your behalf. http://www.gopetition.com/online/37707.html Don't let them take what we all enjoy and work hard for away from us.
  12. Who's Up For A Bit Of A Cruise And Bbq This Month?

    Sweet as, I'll post on ozdat see how we go.
  13. Who's Up For A Bit Of A Cruise And Bbq This Month?

    Yeah just got back on monday from a year away, thought a bit of a catch up is in order.
  14. Hello All Datsun/Nissan people's, just thought I'd throw out a cruise call for this month June in or around Canberra, hit me back with a show of interest and i'll tee up a place, route and If your keen a BBQ would be great to meet a few other's with the Datsun/Nissan Bug.
  15. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    Thanks for the reply, I have just been following the time attack series and noticed that the SuperLap (the Aussie equivalent) has been run in Australia by the Hi-Octane racing crew, I thought It could be a good opportunity to run in purely for fun. And as for you being soft I don't think it could be further from the truth as a 11sec Q is far from!!