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  1. Monday Night Meets.

    How was the meet? Any pics?
  2. Congrats derek, awesome figure.
  3. TOYBOX? easternats.

    Yeah looks pretty hacked to pieces. With a shit choice of donk But i'm always keen to see every datto i can. Anymore pics?
  4. http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/ind ... 165&skip=1 What the hells the story with this thing?
  5. There has actually been heaps of discussion about a concept 510 in the past, should be able to find out some more info if you search in the archives. Some american guy built the concept car right?
  6. QPDC Cruise 30th of March 2008

    Looks like a good day, sorry i missed it, cars undergoing some change so will be out and about again soon.
  7. Hey guys, just wondering once i have taken the door card off and removed the 2 bolts holding the door handle on, how do i remove the arm which connects the handle to the opening mechanism so i can get the door handle off? Sorry for the basic question, my brains not functioning on this sunny sunday. Cheers.
  8. Thanks heaps jet, saw your rx3 on ausrotor, very nice.
  9. Some fun.

  10. As for those who posted silver ones, i actually meant charcol. Thanks anyway but.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys, yeah ryan i agree grey and orange would go hand in hand, i've got a few ideas which should make it look really clean. See how i go, i'm getting a few performance things sorted first
  12. Hey guys, looking at buying some grey FR simmons for my 16, anyone have any pics laying around of cars with them? I remember one cream SR 1600 from downsouth that had them on. Any pics would be good. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey guys, saw a blue 1600 in zoom a while ago (issue 119) in the "in the build" section. Was a 1600 20B half chassis project coming out of RDG engineering in Sydney, powerglide, 32/14s, car was blue with gold b45's in the pics. Just interested in hearing about any updates/pics of the car?
  14. Yeah like derek said QLD chrome, super friendly charecter. Workshop no is - 3893 2494