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    love dato's,motorbikes,drifting,4x4ing,anything cars
  1. Kennys 200B Sx Mild Resto'

    hey cock whats doing?
  2. MR200B,200B SSS COUPE

    it has been a while since I have been on here.
  3. MR200B,200B SSS COUPE

    iv got that itch again! think i need to scratch it!!!
  4. 1977 200B Rb20Det Assembly

    sick get some pics up!
  5. Kennys 200B Sx Mild Resto'

    hey dude sweet sx! you dont have a good set of the rubbers for the rear bar do you? need a set for mine!
  6. your a crazy bugger!why not swap all the race gear into another car and put a stocker fj in it and keep as a cruiser? Would love your trim for mine but them front seats wont work in my coupe
  7. Sdc Cruise Sunday 13Th March 2011

    I'll be there if the missus doesn't drop (she's due on sunday to have our first), and the other bonus is it's at the other end of my street so if it breaks not to far to tow it hahahaha See you guys there hopfully!!
  8. congrats on the car dude, sounds like its going very well, have to catch up and do some photos with the B's together
  9. MR200B,200B SSS COUPE

    Well took the coupe for a run the other day, first time in ages. Went over to SX510's (Jeff's) to pick up a spare set of half shafts. Seen his awesome set of datsuns and has gotton abit more keen to pull my finger out and try to drive and work on my datto abit more , not much has really been doin with the car in ages, to busy with work and other shit, but goin to try to get some more stuff done on both my coupes this year and try to up date when i can
  10. MR200B,200B SSS COUPE

    really want to take my car out, but i need to get some spare 1/2 shafts if anyone has some they want to sell
  11. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    %#@! yeah dude thats sweet, love the pee shooter
  12. MR200B,200B SSS COUPE

    funny bastard
  13. MR200B,200B SSS COUPE

    %#@! my ears were ringing man, its friggin loud lov to no how many db's it is