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  1. Wardy's 1200 Sedan

    holy fucking crap!!!! i like!
  2. soooo the whole scheme and gettin passed is the same, theyre just updating the formal process for gettin engineered.? no new tests or regulations.?
  3. thought some people might be interested. My mate works for eddie dobbin pretty well known in the 4x4 community for their custom work with off roaders. this is one of their creations. A video of it, towards the end has some pretty nuts articulation same thing climbing up another truck. hahaha some more of their tuff trucks pretty insane work, they are currently building 2 more of these.
  4. 1600 Ca18det

    just a few more pics of the fuel lines all finished and mounted. still waiting on my welder to come round to finish surge tank off. made up the brackets yesterday, pretty happy with all the lines, just a little bit of tidying up to do and then shes ready for paint!! :D
  5. Datsun Nissan Engine Pictures

    incredible pics mate!!!
  6. Nice Yank 510 Sedan

    ka24s are in the pintara trx aswell? they go pretty hard. be stuff all for a motor. i always considered it would be sick for a track car. they've got pretty good torque.
  7. Can You Eat?

    im only small too man, (<80kg) but i have a killer appetite and metabolism.
  8. 1600 Ca18det

    Kinda glad something has been done with it now, when time and money permits BIG progress should be made once back from painters, still a while off yet as i want everything completed before its on the road. plus time to iron out all the bugs and decide how i want to build the motor..
  9. 1600 Ca18det

    Another update.. I start Uni In a few weeks so ive been working pretty hard out on it getting it ready to send to painters while im studying. Car has been stripped and rolled onto its side on a couple matresses. I removed most of the underbody sound deadener with a grinder and wire brush (never again) Etch Primed and painted on new stuff, fixed up some easy bits of rust on the floor, i dont have a welder so i just get lucky when i can borrow off a friend. Filled holes in engine bay and pretty much painted the whole undercarriage. Worst of the rust. Trial fitted diff, and sussing out how im going to run my Trailing arms. I intend on standard arms and a cut and shut job, With the hubs adapters I posted previously i should be able to weld them to the trailing arms and maintain the same offset and have the hubs ready for the 300ZX rear brakes and CV's. Just need the time to make a jig up and get it done. You can see in the above pic, that the GTR rim positive offset means that it will foul on the trailing arm, i dont have the arms atm. they are at mates workshop where the work will be done. but i plan on cutting out whats necessary and bridging and plating up the gap. In time, and when i get around to it. more pics will follow on the detail of the rear suspension. Big Thanks to Andrew DAT14U for the rear diff plate. all nice n pretty, and yeh, thats probably gonna be the colour of the car. but lighter. New fuel lines and all bits were bought from Summit about a month ago, just waiting on a few more fittings then i can finish the under car surge tank and fuel pump setup. WIll get better pics of surge tank when its finished and installed. New 3/8" aluminum fuel lines cut and shaped, along with brake and nitrous lines (yet to be installed.) then ill make up some brackets to mount all these nice and neat to the body.
  10. Can You Eat?

    Thought id start a thread for people who love food, and about awesome challenges that lie out n about in Sydney. Keeping in mind these are just the challenges, i eat bucketloads on a regular basis. First off is the mad mex 1kg burrito challenge that was a limited time offer in May. That was demolished in about 6 minutes. Secondly the Outback Jacks Challenge, consisted of a 1Kg rump steak approx 500G in wedges and 500G in veges (actually is about 700G wedges and 300g veges) to win this challenge u need to finish EVERYTHING in 30 mins. u get it half price ($20), shirt and a friendly smile n handshake. I finished mine in about 22 mins. Im yet to attack the Schnitzelhaus Challenge The Chophouse in Sydney has a 1.5kg Tomahawk steak. And I hear Crinitis offers a 1m pizza? Some really awesome places to eat aswell are - Beach Burrito Company in Bondi, Coogee and Cronulla, Great laid back atmosphere at the bondi store, especially in summer and on weekends, gets pretty packed. good mexican food, and a great selection of imported mex beers. If its busy prepare by ordering for take away. Continuing on mex style is my mates restaurant in Darlinghurst, Cafe Pacifico. Same great mex food, with a shitload (80+ types) of tequila and cocktails to check out. in a great mexican style cantina, if your going for food book early, it gets quite busy in the warmer months. and i recommend being there about 10-11pm for Tequila Time!! Can be tough to find, its down a little alley just off 77 William Street (one that leads up to Coke sign of the Cross) Try the Sangria Churrasco - All you can eat Brazillian BBQ MEAT MEAT AND MORE MEAT!! good night out with the boys. If the heavy accented waitresses aren't holding swords of meat, its usually beers...... need i say more? Westmead Thai - I went here a few years ago for a friends birthday. really good Thai food. i got a banana leaf salad with king prawns. holy fuck the plate was as big as the table, great flavour and nice presentation. HotPot in Chinatown sydney. Ok so theres gonna be loads of them, a nice novel change to Chinese food, alright if you have a bunch of friends or family going as what you order is always going to have variety. Theres more but its been a long time since ive visited so not sure how they go anymore. So anyone else like food? share your stories. PS. so yeah i like to eat and party, its no wonder my car is taking forever to build...
  11. 1600 Full Rebuild

    time for an update champ. whats the news?
  12. Classifieds

    Need smartphone friendly version
  13. Seat Replacement

    even if the car didnt have seatbelts from factory, if you put them in. they need to comply with im gonna say more modern standards of a similar model. best ring an engineer who's happy to talk about it, i know alot out there will charge you just to tell you NO 10 seconds later, after a $150 cocksultation fee.
  14. Seat Replacement

    engineering is required when changing seats.
  15. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    wicked Shaun!! was pretty fun when u picked me n brett up in it!! u should come round sometime i might need some info on my CA ive forgotten where shit goes haha