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  1. Requesting Some Help

    Well, i got the brakes free, but got nothing on the brake pedal, I'm up again this weekend if anyones available with a little more know how then me and try and get the bugger fixed. cheers guys
  2. Requesting Some Help

    Jeff Suggested a couple of things to try, I'm back up tmrw to give em a go
  3. Requesting Some Help

    Thanks Jeff, ended up getting it started, I'll try your suggestion tmrw
  4. Hey fella's been a long time. I've come back up to Sydney for the weekend to sort out selling my car. its been sitting for about 18 months here my problem, the brake pedal is going all the way to the floor, and from what i can tell the brakes are on? The old girls not starting either, worth while changing sprak plugs first? any sugestions or if your in the yagoona area any assistance would be appreciated and rewarded. feel free to contact me on 0402 464 350 cheers
  5. Octane Track Experience - Eastern Creek

    Haha I'm still wearing that same Grin!!
  6. Octane Track Experience - Eastern Creek

    Yeah, the supercarclub has a similar thing with 5 different cars. I looked into that but at the end of the day at best your only going 110 legally, and it was a little over 1000 from memory. heres a few shots my old man got of me having a drive
  7. Octane Track Experience - Eastern Creek

    Nah Nah, Just drove the Lambo There was a few more cars, an Austin Martin, a Lotus Exige as well. Costs depends on the car. I paid $800 for the Lambo which got me two laps with the driver instructing me before i got to drive it, then four laps with myself behind the wheel. Plenty of fun, as long as your sensible and safe, the instructor is pretty reasonable. He tells you when the braking points are, and the lines (rough lines are also marked out with witches hats) What held me back more so is the fact that you are driving a car that's worth nearly half a million dollars and you don't really want to be the person to wreck it ey. I did come out of the final turn onto the straight a bit heavy footed on my second last lap (was starting to get a bit more confident with the feel of the car) Its started to skip a little bit before the esp warning lights and buzzers started going off, haha the instructor just laughed. There was one bloke I was talking to at the track he was driving every car on the day. from the way he was talking sounded like he had a bit of cash. He's also done the formula 1 passenger car thing in Monaco, and is going to Vegas to be a passenger in NASCAR for 10 hot laps. He recommended the Porsche GT3 as the car to have a go of, so mite look at that next time
  8. Octane Track Experience - Eastern Creek

    Buma that didn't work, not sure went wrong there
  9. Here's a couple of shots of the track day i went to at the Creek i went to today put on by the Super car Club and Octane. What a rush!! The Lambo has that much torque, but delivers it so smoothly. Unbelievable car. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but a whole lot of fun!! If you get a chance I'd recommend it to anyone, well worth the money to take a super car on the track.
  10. Mine hasn't really been taking that long. Bought my stocker 12 months ago to cruise around in whilst put my project 1600 into its planing stages. In that time I've collected parts as money has permitted and I've got the majority of what i need for my conversion. Bought another 1600 shell a few months back for the conversion with out looking at it :fool: looked ok in pics, but not so good when i finally had a closer look at it. So my biggest dilemma has been whether to use it, or sacrifice the stocker. Other then that my lack of mechanical knowledge holds me back a bit. This is my 1st attempt at doing a ground up rebuild/conversion and would like to do bits and pieces myself. My mechanic that i used with my other cars has since retired and there's no one else i really know i trust my car with. so still looking for one. Don't have a great deal of tools either, but have been slowly adding to my collection. Finally councils rejection of my new garage plan has thrown a spanner in the works, but hopefully that'll be sorted shortly
  11. For the cash payed I'd be snapping. I don't think your being picky at all. they'd better sort something out about it
  12. My 1600 On Tv

    Don't have a video camera.........
  13. My 1600 On Tv

    Not that I know of, I've only got it on IQ, I think my old man recorded it to DVD, what program do you need to edit it down to like 10 seconds to put it on youtube??
  14. My 1600 On Tv

    yeah i can vouch for that, I was there for a good 4 hours for my shoot of about 5 seconds