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  1. I thought that was just part off owning a Datsun
  2. New bog stock motor in and running just hope it will make it down there
  3. Thanks Graeme that would be great
  4. Will anyone going to the Datsun Day have a set off sun visors plastic clips they want to sell for a 1600
  5. Hi Todd, I will print a few off, And bring them with me, See you tommorrow mate. Thanks mate c u in the morning Got box done in car now leaking water and fans not comming on will try to fix 2nigh but not looking good Still coming down for a look thought
  6. Trying to finish the dato and come down can some one bring me a SDC membership form so i can join please
  7. Saw you need door for Datsun 1600 - I have 4 perfect doors available for sale (still have plastic on inside). If you are interested please get back to me. Jcricket

  8. I also got the same trailer from the same place it is a great trailer and tows realy well
  9. toddat

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

    My car is no where near set up for the track with a auto and a 4000 rpm convertor and 1 hand on the steering wheel i know it wont be fast around the track but i am still going out to have a bit off fun
  10. toddat

    Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    Not getting any 'upper deckas' or 'reverse kangas' applied to my toilet LOL Next year
  11. toddat

    Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    Had a great weekend and a hangover on Sunday A Big thanks to Graeme and Mark and all the people at SDC for orginsesing a great weekend Happy to see that we are welcome back there next year. The bad bits 1) Hearing the smash but missing Graeme fall ass over head 2) Ben snoring 3) Missing Trav ride the straight on the bord
  12. toddat

    The Spotto Thread . . . .

    That would have been my commodore wagon vx green
  13. Think Todd is coming down from Lithgow as well, Might have Neary, and Chris Too. I am trying to get my brother and another mate with a 70 model skyline to come too I will give you a call Saterday night Shawn
  14. toddat

    Qik 510

    Good to see it back on the road
  15. toddat

    Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    There is a pub call O'Connell pub at O'Connell it is 20 min past Tarnar (the last pub we went to) on the same road . It leads to Bathurst too its about 20 from Bathurst. We will have too book and let him know if we want to go so they have extra staff for all the people. The food is great there too and the beer is better. There is plenty off parking there if we double park each other and get there early enought,and plenty off out door under cover eating room. Also big grass area out the back for kids to play Let me know if you want me too book