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  1. IMA42C

    Anth's 1969 Datsun 1600 Fj20et

    Hey Anth top work on the feature great write up to.
  2. Ill be spectating first year camping onsite could be a rather large weekend.
  3. IMA42C

    The General Ree

    Hey mate bay looks fresh! Where abouts do you buy your paint?
  4. IMA42C

    Fj20Et 5 Speed Box - Length?

    Mines out at the moment (has been for a while) measures 810mm FJ bellhousing and RB20 box.
  5. IMA42C

    Anth's 1969 Datsun 1600 Fj20et

    Top work there Anth good inspiration!!
  6. IMA42C

    Project Datsun 610-180B Fj20Et

    UPDATE: Progress is slow as ive had to work everyday this year except Aus day. No one ever told me how big this job would be on the engine bay but I cant wait to get it done it should look pretty sweet. I got all the paint removed and all the unwanted holes welded up there where 127 in total. Im only doing a section at a time as I do have some surface rust appearing. Im hoping to get this back on the road for datnats but its not looking to good. Its just hard finding the time for it. But progress is happening and all the fidlely parts are done except for the brake booster area. Its basically just the wheel arches left to smooth over with bog and paint hopefully be fully filler primed within the next two weeks ready for normal primer then paint. Heres some pics...
  7. Hey guys was just after some advice, I was on my way to work on Saturday morning at 5am and a Drunk idiot came flying round a corner and took me out in a head on accident. Im ok just had a bit of a sore neck for a few days. He then decided not to hang around for the police and did the bolt. Car was reported stolen 4 hours after the fact so sounds a bit suss and I hope they catch the prick. Im confident they will as he ran through a servo and the crash is also all on CCTV. My question is I have a wrecked car now but its not to bad obviously the bonnet bumper and front left quater panel are stuffed but the car still runs fine and suprisingly even though the radiator is twisted nothing leaks from anywhere. I wanted to know should I advertise it for sale or where is the best place to get rid of it if anyone knows?? Can I get any cash for it?? Its a Nissan NX Coupe with SR20 maybe the FJ gods have punished me for owning an SR
  8. Yes the demister has to be working and its 96DB as an average taken from various angles around the car.
  9. IMA42C

    1600 Rear Stubs

    Na man just put some wheel nuts on mine were sweet.
  10. IMA42C

    1600 Rear Stubs

    Mate I wedged a big flat head screw driver in the wheel nut bolts against the ground then got a big F#*kin breaker bar with a 3m gal pipe over the top of it for some epic leverage and that cracked them both pretty easy. If you need to borrow the pipe off me let me know im at pennant hills or im working at homebush atm.
  11. IMA42C

    Project Datsun 610-180B Fj20Et

    Wow its been well over a year since my last post I went on an overseas holiday at the start of May this year and have been back for a month now. So before I went away I removed the FJ from the other car and sat it ready to next to the purple one. Now that im back into reality its time to get this project on the road asap. The paint work is a backyard job and im wanting the car to be of a higher standard. So while the engine is out I thought I may as well get stuck in and do the engine bay properly. Im stripping it back to bare metal and will be welding up all the unwanted holes and making everything in the bay nice and smooth. Heres some pics of the progress from today hopefully get over half of the bay done tomorow then bit by bit during the week ready for welding next weekend and some primer. Im going to paint the engine bay a dark silver or metallic grey havent exactly choosen a specific colour yet. Im getting stuck into it now to hopefully be back on the road by summer.