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  1. Hi have read other posts on the wiring but still cant get it to work. This is the story have L16 with elect dist, have found the 2 wires in the engine bay if i hook one on the positive of the coil and put the other wire through a test lamp then the on to the neg side of the battery then the tacho will work. The test light pulses with the rpm. What do i have to do to get this to work? :wallbash: I have reved the car past the red line and f%$ked the test lamp as well any info is appreciated.
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  3. Hi there have you got a sss what condition ? Jay

  4. jaydat1600

    Angel Eye Head Light Conversion.

    Hi have seen some pic on here of 1600's with the BMW angel eye twin head lights they are out of a 3 series not sure what year or model. can any body help with info as i think they look grat and want to do mine.
  5. jaydat1600

    Orginal Paint Colours 1600 Sss

    The two tone paint was available as a factory 'after option '. Ive got 3 510 wagons with white roofs, all painted the same, 1 from South Africa. The other 2 Aust delivered. Roy from Top kolor , back in the 70's used to paint them for Datsun. After it was delivered. It was the cheapest way to do A/C !! As for the Green colour, ive got the code i'll try and find for you. One of the wagons is that army type of green.. Not too common in the 510, let alone a SSS. Have seen a few coupe's of late in that colour, but with white/ off white Vinyl roof.. Got any pics on where the paint changes ??
  6. jaydat1600

    Sss 1600

    Just how rare are 1600 SSS i have one its my dream car except maybe a 2 door. Its a 69 model and was orginally 2 tone green and a white roof . Should an Lseries stay in it or go high tech?? Love the way it goes with the worked 1600 with dual 45's, built by wilkson motor got dyno and 80 hp at rear wheels
  7. jaydat1600

    Orginal Paint Colours 1600 Sss

    Wow so its prity rare beast then i was goin to get it painted the green that holden use on the brand new comm. the dark matalic one and a white roof should look good with my symonds that are gold and all new crome the code would be great so i can have a look may go orginal. It must be and import then cause the gauges are different in the far. cel. There is a sss dash on ebay from toyko2 you and it has the metric ie cel. not farineight took it out for a spin yesterday sooo much fun can't wait till i can drive it every day.
  8. Can any body help i have a Datsun 1600 SSS its a 69 model i was looking for the orginal colours it was a two tone the roof was white and the bottom was a green almost a army green from what i can tell its been resprayed. The other thing is that the instrumpments are not metric the temp is in Farinheight is this cause its an import as i saw one in the classsifieds and it had celcis on the temp??
  9. jaydat1600

    Help wiring in an original 1600 tacho?

    Hi iam tying to get the tacho workin in my 1600 sss 69 model it has the sss dash with tacho. I have traced the wires in the loom and can get the tacho to work when i put one wire on the + coil and the other through a test lamp and to earh the light is pulsing with the rpm and the tacho is workin fine. my question is where does this other wire go ???
  10. Have now got a SSS 69 model body is the average. Does any body know of any two tone colour combinations as it was orginally gren and white?